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The BBC called me to participate in a discussion of this article:

Al Qaeda chides Iran over 9/11 'conspiracy theories'

Ahmadinejad told world leaders of his beliefs about the 9/11 attacks

So here's what transpired after they put me on the air:

[I will post the link when I have it uploaded elsewhere.

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CBS also ran the same story, which is archived here:



So I posted the following comment about all of this:



Al-Qaida rejects Iran's 9/11 conspiracy theories
Al-Qaida rejects Iran's 9/11 conspiracy theories
by Jim_Fetzer September 29, 2011 1:44 PM EDT

Ahmadinejad probably sees through the "official account" more easily because of his background as an engineer. According to NIST, the Twin Towers collapsed due to jet-fuel based fires, which weakened the steel and caused the buildings to collapse under the force of gravity. Not only did the fires not burn long enough or hot enough to weaken the steel, but if it had, there would have been a gradual sagging and tilting of a few floors, not the complete, total and abrupt destruction sequence from the top down. The simples proof that this was an "inside job" is that gravity operates in a single direction, down, while explosives blow out in every direction. Just watch films of the sequence and you can see the buildings are being blown up from the top down, where debris is being blown out in every direction. These are effects of the use of explosives, not gravity, where, when it was done, there was no stack of pancakes but the towers were destroyed below ground level. For more, see "20 reasons the 'official account' of 9/11 is wrong", at Veterans Today.

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