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Belgian Kairos Journal Special Focus Section on 9/11

The (French-language) Belgian bimonthly journal Kairos has published in its Sept./Oct. issue a special focus section on 9/11, edited by Olivier Taymans. It features the following articles: 

—An “Introduction” (p. 5) by Olivier Taymans, a Belgian freelance journalist, director of the documentary Wrong, Blasphemous and Sinful (cf. www.blasphemous.info, on the media treatment of 9/11 and the Truth Movement. 

—“21 reasons to question the official version of 9/11” (pp. 6-7) by David Ray Griffin (Claremont Graduate University), who sketches some of the most striking incoherences of the current vulgate. 

—“The endless war on terrorism” (pp. 7-9) by Paul Lannoye (retired Belgian senator and former European MP) questions the geopolitical consequences of an event whose precise circumstances remain completely opaque. 

—“Cyber-protest vs. media (a)version" (pp. 9-11) by Olivier Taymans analyzes the dialectic that exists between the open discussions on 9/11 that can be found on a number of websites and the completely autistic attitude of the mainstream media in that regard. 

—“ The strategy of tension” (pp. 11-13) by Daniele Ganser (Lecturer at the University of Basel; cf.www.danieleganser.ch) summarizes his work on the meaning and significance of the implementation of secret operations (including false flag) within the fabric of Western democracies. 

—“911 between myth and grand narrative” (pp. 13-15) by Michel Weber (philosopher; cf.www.chromatika.academia.edu) investigates the scope of the event from a broad perspective on the very nature of culture and citizenship. 

—“Inside job? Who cares?” (pp. 15-17) is an interview of Jean Bricmont (who teaches physics at the University of Louvain in Belgium) by Olivier Taymans. Although Bricmont is well-known for his dialogues with Chomsky on (humanitarian) imperialism and his insightful perspective on current political matters, he remains reluctant to discuss 9/11.

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