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Blacklisted instructor challenges UW: Debate me or rehire me!


I recently signed up for a Free Barack Obama Sticker.
But when they sent me the sticker, I discovered a mistake. 

It didn't say "Free Barack Obama!"

When I called Obama headquarters, they told me they didn't have any "Free Barack Obama!" stickers.

So I guess Obama is going to have to keep slaving on the plantation of his bankster masters. 

Oh well. 

I guess we'll just have to print up some "Free Everybody" bumper-stickers ourselves.


Kevin Barrett

* * *

Great radio shows coming up! http://www.TruthJihadRadio.blogspot.com

For immediate release
Tuesday, Sept. 6th, 2011
Contact: Dr. Kevin Barrett kbarrett@merr.com   ; Eric Sayward admin@wisbin.com ;   Dr. Bob Reuschlein bobreuschlein@gmail.com 

Blacklisted instructor challenges UW: Debate me or rehire me! 

When: This Thursday, Sept. 8th, 7-10 p.m.
Where: 180 Science Hall, across Park St. from Memorial Union, in Madison, WI
What: FREE world premiere screening of new Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth film: 9/11: Explosive Evidence: Experts Speak Out, followed by The Great 9/11 Debate: Kevin Barrett vs. UW-Madison. 
Sponsors: UW-Madison Sifting and Winnowing Club (http://www.UWsw.blogspot.com ), Muslim-Jewish-Christian Alliance for 9/11 Truth (http://www.mujca.com ); We Are Change Wisconsin (http://www.WisChange.org ). Film courtesy of Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth (http://www.AE911truth.org )

Kevin Barrett's supporters have raised $1,000. And they're dying to give it away.  

The catch: To collect the $1,000, you have to be a teacher in the University of Wisconsin system. And you have to spend 90 minutes defending the 9/11 Commission Report in a debate with Dr. Barrett, who explains:

"I have been blacklisted from teaching in the UW system due to my criticism of the official story of 9/11. I have lost roughly two million dollars in projected lifetime earnings. Will someone from the University please debate me and show why I am wrong about 9/11? If no-one can do that, I ought to be rehired with apologies and back pay, and the University ought to go on the record in support of a new investigation of 9/11."

The UW-Madison History Club has combed the UW-Madison faculty looking for someone to defend the 9/11 Commission Report in a debate with Dr. Barrett. It came up empty.

The Oshkosh Northwestern newspaper has begged the state university system to find a professor to debate Dr. Barrett. Not one professor has come forward.

In 2006, UW Provost Patrick Farrell told Dr. Barrett he would try to find a way to host a 9/11 debate event at UW-Madison. Five years have passed, and the university has still made no move to host a debate.

Radio station WORT challenged anti-Barrett witch hunter Rep. Steve Nass to debate Barrett on the air. Nass refused.

U.W.-Madison political science professor Donald Downs told Barrett he would consider debating him. Then Downs backed down.

UW-Madison Law professor Ann Althouse called Dr. Barrett (an Arabic-speaking Mideast Studies expert) "truly nutty" yet refused a challenge to debate - and was blasted for "moral cowardice" by a fellow professor: http://badgerherald.com/oped/2008/01/25/a_cowardly_display.php

U.W.-Madison physics professor Marshall Onellian called Dr. Barrett "a fruitcake," adding islamophobic slurs, yet refused to debate.

Last spring, a long list of illustrious UW alumni and other Americans, including the greatest scientist the UW has ever produced, Lynn Margulis, placed a full-page ad in the Isthmus demanding that the UW debate 9/11 and consider re-hiring Dr. Barrett: http://uwsw.blogspot.com/2011/03/open-letter-to-chancellor.html The University has not responded.

Why won't anyone debate Dr. Barrett? The short answer: They know they'll lose. It takes only a few minutes' research to discover that something is very, very wrong with the official account. Watch WTC-7 - the smoking gun of 9/11: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MxmdYOorqs0

Will Dr. Barrett find an opponent to debate by Thursday? If not, he says he will debate the audience - and give away free books, DVDs, and other prizes to every audience member who asks a good question or thoughtfully challenges his views.

Kevin Barrett
Author, Questioning the War on Terror: A Primer for Obama Voters: http://www.questioningthewaronterror.com

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