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‘Car Bomb’ comes to Broadway By Jerry Mazza

‘Car Bomb’ comes to Broadway
By Jerry Mazza
Online Journal Associate Editor

May 5, 2010, 00:22

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There’s no business like show business, they say. Especially today, the Street Theater of the Real impinging on our senses with
terrorists in every nook and cranny of New York City, this time leaving a
Nissan Pathfinder in the heart of show biz, Times Square, with the
lights flashing above, movie size screens selling their wares, crowds of
tourists and locals flooding streets, bars, private lap-dancing clubs,
restaurants, T-shirt vendors, food stands, the circus of the mind. After
all it
is Tony Awards time, and you never know. This show might be more
dramatic than
anything playing.

Curtain up: smoke is pouring from a Pathfinder’s rear vents, parked awkwardly from the curb on 45 Street (west of 7th Avenue). Its
lights are blinking, engine running, a white man seen on surveillance
walking from it towards Schubert Alley, yanking off a black shirt,
revealing a
red shirt, stuffing the first into a bag, turning back to look at the
vanishing in the crowd. That wasn’t too obvious, was it? Could it be the
Phantom of the Opera, a miscreant Taliban (no, they denied
responsibility), a
set-up man for the purveyors of fear, or today’s George “The Mad

For those whose memory doesn’t go back to the early 1950s, “Metesky was better known as the Mad
[and] terrorized New
for 16 years in the 1940s and 1950s with explosives that he
planted in theaters, terminals, libraries and offices. Bombs were left
in phone
booths, storage lockers and restrooms in public buildings, including Central Terminal"">Grand Central Terminal, Pennsylvania Station, City Music Hall"">Radio City Music Hall, the York Public Library"">New York Public Library, the Port Authority Bus Terminal and
the Building"">RCA
, as well as in the City Subway"">New York City Subway. Perhaps most notably,
Metesky bombed movie theaters, where he cut into seat upholstery and
his explosive devices inside.” You might call him the father of urban

In fact, “Angry and resentful about events surrounding a workplace injury suffered years earlier, Metesky planted at least 33
bombs, of
which 22 exploded, injuring 15 people. He was apprehended based on an
early use
of offender profiling and clues given in
letters he
wrote to a newspaper. He was found legally

and committed to a state hospital"">mental

In short, George was a major fruitcake, pioneer of Street Theater of the Real, i.e., terror, with no ideology but being wronged by
former employer, Con Ed, for lack of proper recompense for a job injury.
didn’t have a beard. He was affiliated with no one, simply playing on
the fears
of an overcrowded New York City, post WW II, en route to Korea. Though
22 of
his 33 bombs exploded, no one was killed, but 15 people were hurt. He
caught by profiling clues he gave of himself writing letters to the
Obviously, he had a writer’s instinct. His electrical background came
from the
US Marines. He served as specialist electrician at the US Consulate in
following WW I.

Yet, our “Broadway Bomber” of today managed to get the city’s and the world’s attention, including the mayor’s, police
City Council speaker’s and governor’s, with a failed op. No blowback but
maximum effect.

The mayor and police commissioner were returning early from a White House correspondents’ dinner in Washington, D.C., the
York Times reported.
They still had their tuxes on and nice red bow
ties, ready to serve us at 2 a.m.
like head waiters in one of the nearby hotels.

Mayor Michael Bloomburg said, “We were very lucky. We avoided what could have been a very deadly event.” Commissioner Raymond
said the bomb “would have caused casualties, a significant fireball,”
had it
ignited. Paul J. Brown, the NYPD’s chief spokesman said, “It would have
in all likelihood, a good possibility of people being killed, windows
shattered, but not resulting in a building collapse.” Well, that’s good
not another building collapse like Tower Seven into its footprint in 6.5
seconds. And hit by no hijacked airliner. Notice Brown’s subtle

Meanwhile Midtown was shut down from 43rd Street to 48th Street, from Sixth to Eighth Avenues. Excitement filled the air tinged
fear, panic, and relief that the Broadway Bomber eventually fizzled. Yet
Square was evacuated, the South Tower of the Marriott Marquis Hotel as
And gee whiz, this could have been the best, most believable, exciting
show in
town, and free.

Yet, I wondered what Metesky would have thought of such a wimpy bomb. It was a fireman who first heard a popping sound, the
inside. The “works” were discovered by police plus a remote-control
which broke the window. The back door was also ripped off. The bomb was a
rather crude affair made with propane (three small tanks used for
grills), two five gallon tanks of gas with commercial fireworks placed
a 55-inch tall metal gun locker filled with eight bags of non-explosive
fertilizer, and a number of alarm clocks which made for bad ignition.

The abandoned Pathfinder’s motor was still running, lights and blinkers on. The smoke from the vents was seen originally by a
dealer, ex-Vietnam soldier, who called a mounted policeman who called
back-up and the bomb squad showed. It seems the bomb had fizzled after a
flare-up of flame went off as the back door was torn off by police.

The T-shirt dealer’s main remark when the media pressured him for brave comments was, “See something, say something,” an
encapsulation of
our larger subway and street ad campaign making us aware of abandoned
backpacks, black bags but ah, no Pathfinder SUVs. Was it the Japanese
back for Obama’s campaign against the Toyota Prius? One never knows. By
definition the bomb was incendiary rather than explosive. So where
smoke and fire, there has to be a potentially major terror threat
lurking. So
hunker down, keep your eyes open.

Unfortunately, when the real terror occurred on 9/11/2001, despite warnings from copious European, Middle Eastern countries, Russia
Israel, nobody “knew anything, did anything, saw anything, said
anything, or
got fired for anything,” including NORAD, Donald Rumsfeld, President
Bush or
Vice President Cheney. Helluva mess-up, I’d say, gone totally unpunished
explained with a lame conspiracy theory called the 9/11 Commission
mostly scripted by neo-con Phillip Zelikow, who should probably get a
Person of the Millennium Award.

But we’re hot on the tail of this one. It seems the phony license plate on the Pathfinder came from a pick-up truck in a
Connecticut junkyard, being repaired. The FBI (in Peace and War)
the pick-up’s previous owner, but didn’t regard the person as a suspect.
Pathfinder’s previous owner has been identified as Peggy Colas, 19, of
Bridgeport, Conn. The junkyard is considered to be a “primary target of
investigation.” The SUVs VIN number (vehicle identification number) had
removed from the dashboard. But it turned up on the engine block.

It has easily outdone the story of the recent prosecution and sentencing of three young Muslims, as described in the Daily News: Zazi,
Qaeda pals planned rush-hour attack on Grand Central, Time...
. Here’s a taste of the plotline . . .

After they suited themselves up with bombs “They would board trains on the 1, 2, 3 and 6 lines at rush hour and planned to position
themselves in the middle of the packed trains to ensure the maximum
when they blew themselves up, sources said.” [Try squeezing into one of
trains at rush hour with a bomb under your jacket.]

“During Zazi's brief visit to Queens from his home in Denver last
September, he rode the subway multiple times to the Grand Central and Street"">Wall
stations, scouting where to best spread death and mayhem, the

“Zazi has confessed that he, Medunjanin and Ahmedzay -- all buddies from Flushing High School traveled to
Pakistan in
August 2008 to fight with the Taliban
against U.S. forces in Afghanistan.

“There they were recruited by Al Qaeda for the Manhattan ‘martyrdom’ mission.

“They received military training at a terror camp in the Waziristan region, and Zazi was taken aside and given special bomb-making training
of his knowledge of the subway system.

“The attack was to take place on Sept. 14, 15 or 16 -- as soon as the bombs had been assembled -- with Sept. 14 the most likely
sources said.”

For me, the third paragraph is most telling. Again ‘The cooperation of would-be lead bomber Najibullah
has helped law enforcement officials piece together a fuller
of the evil plan to kill innocent straphangers around the 9/11
anniversary last
year.” It is obvious that Zazi is the recruiter/mole of those whom he
rats out, then walks away with a scholarship to Snitch University.

Read the story for yourself, but here you have your standard Flushing High School student terrorists traveling to Afghanistan to
learn the
business of blowing up themselves and everyone around. Quite honestly,
disinformation machine, the CIA, whoever it is that comes up with this
(which reads like a dime novel), must be getting desperate that the 9/11
Movement is gaining such ground in the public eye by simply exposing the
of why and how “9/11 was an inside job.” Recently, more than 1,000
and engineers signed a petition to Congress that the three towers, One,
Two and
Seven, went down by internal demolitions set in advance, and not by
hijacked by dubious martyrs who could barely fly a Cessna. Remember,
Seven wasn’t even hit by an airliner and it fell eagerly at 5:20 p.m. on 9/11.

The question is, how far will 9/11’s government-perpetrators go in their efforts to buttress belief in their original conspiracy,
what was in effect their crimes.

Taken together, “The Broadway Bomber,” “Zazi and Friends,” “The Underwear and Shoe Bombers,” “The Khalid Sheik Mohammed Kangaroo
“The Zacarias (name)"">Moussaoui Stun-Gun Confessions”
and other such set-ups seem to be pabulum to feed the unknowing public
in its
continued support for the “War on Terror.” It is now in its eighth year,
than WW II, and with no prospect of diminishing. This effort is the real
tragedy of a nation gone amok, worthy of a Shakespearean drama.

Unfortunately, you won’t find the truth about 9/11 on Hollywood’s movies, on Broadway or off-Broadway, but you will find it
here, on
the Internet, alive, well, and kicking. And though we may not win a Tony
Oscar, we will win enough keen minds in the end to carry on. Eventually
nation will simply exhaust itself, its resources, its blood and
chasing this gone goose of world hegemony.

Ironically, if Metesky, mad as a hatter, was able to get off 22 bombs that worked in 1950s New York City, today’s loons have learned
pulling off even failed ops have the desired effect of frightening
people in
New York City 2010, or anywhere in the world. The question is how close
to the
desperation point are these handlers to committing another real event
maximum real-life terror. Only the shadow government knows.

PSSSST . . . surprise ending!

The Pathfinder was traced to the former owner who took $1,300 for it from Faisal Shahzad, 30, a naturalized US citizen from
where, yes, Pakistan. It turns out “Agents of the Joint Terrorists Task
Force” arrested
and identified him to find if he had larger connections to a known
group, an “international situation.”

Somehow “the Joint” knew Shahzad was onboard Emirates flight 202 to Dubai at JFK. They got there at midnight, just as the plane was
away from the gate. They called the plane back and took
into custody
. It turns out Shahzad lived in Birdgeport. Conn. He had
previously lived in Shelton, Conn., outside Bridgeport, was married to
Mian, and both spoke limited English, keeping to themselves mostly.
They’d been
living there about three years. Neighbors said he got up early, dressed
and thought he worked on Wall Street. I wonder if he knew Lloyd

And speaking of the “international situation,” Gordon Duff reported, Times
Bomb Hoax, Israeli Intel Group Show its Hand
, subhead: “Israelis
blame Taliban group, one they have been working with for years.” Ouch.
says “Who would have believed it? Only days after a warning of an
‘false flag’ bombing against the US “in the works” a massive car bomb is
discovered in Time Square! Better yet, though no intelligence
organization in
the world could discover anyone claiming responsibility for this
failure, SITE Intelligence, a group rumored as the ‘voice of the Mossad’
placed the blame on the Pakistani Taliban.” Is this before or after the
disavowed credit for the crime, minor detail.

Nevertheless, “This is the same group that has come up with numerous bin Laden ‘audio’ tapes, seemingly, though tiny and nearly
unstaffed, whenever it is convenient for Israel to point a finger at
magically SITE Intelligence, run by former IDF soldier Rita Katz, whose
was executed as a spy by Saddam Hussein, makes another ‘unbelievable’
intelligence find.” Read the whole bloody mess for yourself and cancel
B’nai B’rith theater party.

“SITE Intelligence finds are not only timely for Israel, when the world is focused on claims they have been planning a ‘dirty
attack to send the US to war against Iran, but always tend to support
organizations run from the caves of the Afghanistan/Pakistan border
Well, it’s almost nice to know you have friends -- friends you can count
on to
screw you time after time. Not only does it make for a fantastic false
9/11 (remember the Dancing Israelis?), it makes for great theatre.
held blindfolded in suspense for days.

So, like Norman Finkelstein would say, “There’s no business like the Shoah business.” I can’t wait for the reviews to follow. SOCKO!
A MUST-READ! THE SMOKING GUN of the demise of Iraq, Surrogate Warfare on
Pakistan, Always the Same, Who Gains (you know who)! Plus ONGOING
word of
Duff in the rough. Even the Mad Bomber himself, George Metesky, would
roared! BOOM!

is a freelance writer, life-long resident of New York City. His book
“State Of Shock – Poems from 9/11 on” is available at
www.jerrymazza.com, Amazon.com

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Comment by James H. Fetzer on May 8, 2010 at 1:38am
I have blogged an article and YouTube re this event with Stephen Lendman on http://jamesfetzer.blogspot.com.
Comment by Georgia Brooks Mays on May 7, 2010 at 11:44pm
You see it has been 9 years (The USG really does not want us to "forget" 9/11) Here they go again with their scare tactics. A cooler... come on!!! A book??? Water??? Beyond insulted. Good lord. Most of America still wants to know why a bunch of crazies think not a single plane hit anything. Had more 9/11 for truth folks been heard in the last 9 years the USG would not have had the nads to even try that. Cooler never would have shown up.

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