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Cell Phone Calls From Hijacked 911 Airliners Were Impossible

Cell Phone Calls From Hijacked 911 Airliners Were Impossible


Without the faked cell phone calls from the hijacked planes, Middle Easterners could not have been blamed for 9/11!!


The experts were right; cell phone calls on planes bounce all over the place.


This is an admission that they did not have the technology for cell phone transmission available in 2001. The planes could make air to land calls, but they were not via cell phones. There was a study by a professor that said it was impossible to make a cell phone call above a few thousand feet, even though the 911 Commission said they occurred.  Plus no one was able to produce a bill for the all of the alleged cell phone calls.

No Cell Phone Calls From Hijacked 911 Airliners
See http://www.rense.com/general40/nocell.htm.

8-14-03. From John Kaminski: "Without the phone calls from
the hijacked planes, we wouldn't have blamed Middle Easterners."


An experiment was conducted to see if cell phones can work in airplanes. The experimenters found that the percent of success rate of contact was as follows:

                  89% connected at 2,000 feet
                  44% at 4,000 feet
                  30% at 6,000 feet
                  9% at 8,000 feet

Flight 93 was flying at 35,000 feet.

Therefore a cell phone connection would have been impossible.

Also see

Planes of 911 Exceeded Their Software Limits from
which the following is snipped:

”When you make a cell phone call, the first thing that happens is that your cell phone needs to contact a transponder. Your cell phone has a max transmit power of five watts, three watts is actually the norm. If an aircraft is going five hundred miles an hour, your cell phone will not be able to 1) Contact a tower, 2) Tell the tower who you are, and who your provider is, 3). Tell the tower what mode it wants to communicate with, and 4). Establish that it is in a roaming area before it passes out of a five-watt range.


“This procedure, called an electronic handshake, takes approximately 45 seconds for a cell phone to complete upon initial power up in a roaming area because neither the cell phone nor the cell transponder knows where that phone is and what mode it uses when it is turned on.


"At 500 miles an hour, the aircraft will travel three times the range of a cell phone's five watt transmitter before this handshaking can occur. Though it is sometimes possible to connect during takeoff and landing, under the situation that was claimed the calls were impossible.”


Therefore, the calls from the airplane were faked, no ifs or buts.


So the CNN story “Hijacked Passenger Called 911 on Cell Phone” found at (http://www.cnn.com/2001/US/09/11/911.call) was a complete hoax .


Flight 93 was a story-lie that was cunningly planted by the perpetrators of 9/11, a lie that has been repeated so often by the complicit mainstream media that it is now regarded by most of the public as being true (see J. Goebbels), with a Hollywood movie to be made about the mythical event.  

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