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Challenging Assumptions about 9/11 Yields the Truth: Flight 93 Case Study

The official version of the events of 9/11 came to the public at the same time we were warned about threats to our security.  As the media and government sources told us of innocent civilians killed in the attacks, we could not help wonder about our own security.

No one ever proved the official story.  It was simply an assumption that we as the public made.  These assumptions were not challenged at the time and thus gained traction in public approval to the point where anything that contradicted it was simply the talk of “conspiracy theorists,” discredited by the same sources that pushed the official theory.

Look at some of the assumptions made.  And then see how easily the assumptions fit into the “discussion” of the subject.  There were “hijackers,” “hijackings,” “victims,” “planes hitting towers” and more phrases that we took for granted before any alternative theory could enter the dialogue.

Assumptions of 9/11

Forty-three people, including the crew members, boarded United 93 on the morning of September 11, 2001. [Assumption based upon the manifest and boarding passes that show the names of passengers who took the flight.  A further assumption was made that the manifest and boarding passes were authentic.  With no “cross-examination” by an alternative source or theorist, this looks like proof of the assertion.]

The flight took off from Newark airport with San Francisco as its destination. [Bureau of Transportation Statistics records show that this was the plan or intention made for this flight.  But a plan should not be confused as proof of an actual flight that carried out this plan.]

During the flight, four hijackers took over the aircraft. [This assumption is based upon a number of phone calls that alleged relatives of the alleged passengers received during this alleged flight.  Again, with no cross-examination, allegations are simple to “prove.”]

After making calls from the airplane to relatives, several passengers rushed the hijackers in an attempt to wrest control of the plane back. [Same assumption as above for the phone calls.  As for the claim of hijackers, the pictures of nineteen men apparently of Arab ethnicity put on numerous television screens around the nation, the story of passengers fighting hijackers became easy cannon fodder for a shocked nation.  Still, it is not proof.]

Ultimately, the plane crashed in a field in Shanksville, Pennsylvania, killing everyone on board. [Assumption based upon a “scene” of a “plane crash” shown on television screens.  Allegations of plane wreckage helped form the “proof of a plane crash.  The alleged lack of knowledge of Flight 93 whereabouts served as “proof” that it was Flight 93 that crashed in Shanksville.]

Investigators found human remains in Shanksville and declared that the remains matched DNA samples given by the passengers’ families. [Assumption that this was the truth not seriously challenged as who wants to appear to be insensitive to the “victims”?]

An Effective Cross-Examination Would Include the Following:

Flight 93 was airborne over the Midwest after the alleged crash in Shanksville.

Wallace Miller, Coroner of Somerset County (which includes Shanksville) and one of the first to arrive at the “crash” scene, said on CNN, “I had never actually witnessed an aircraft disaster prior to this. But what I've seen on TV, you see some of the big pieces of fuselage or engine, or something like that, but there was nothing like that. I've been told that it was due to the speed of the aircraft.”

No source independent of the government has identified remains of any of the flight’s passengers.

No debris from the scene at the World Trade Center has ever been traced by serial number to the plane that allegedly flew on 9/11 as Flight 175.

One call allegedly went past the time of the Shanksville “crash”, Todd Beamer’s last call on United 93.  Furthermore, Beamer’s call could not have happened when it purportedly did because the government’s own records show him making this call and another call from the same phone AT THE SAME SECOND!

No records of calls are sourced to the companies that provided them.  This fact calls into question the authenticity of the calls.

[Source on phone calls is the e-book Voices by Rowland Morgan]


This article only concerns the alleged Flight 93.  Truth of what really happen can often be adduced from information brought out in cross-examination.  If there is one.

Dean Hartwell

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