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Chase the Truth until It Finds You: Why There Is No 9/11 Truth Movement




There is no 9/11 truth movement.  There are people, like many who participate in this Forum, who seek the truth about the event.


The case against the official theory (and the case for the theory of an inside job) has been proven to any reasonable person who has taken the time to look at facts objectively.


It is time to focus on withdrawing our support for any politician who says they believe the official theory.

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Comment by sandy rose on February 22, 2011 at 11:21am

thanks, Dean, it sure as heck seems that way.


    i say that if people knew a thing or two that they could do,

it would look a lot more like people gave a shat.   i still believe

that they do, and that many thousands around the Whirled know

about 9/11, but they don't know what to DOOOOOOOOOOOO.

(ps, if anyone does know what to do, please post now asap, thanks.)

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