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Cheney: "I Don't Pay Attention to Truthers"

Cheney: “I Don’t Pay Attention To Truthers”

Thursday, September 8th, 2011

With this weekend’s 10th anniversary of the 9/11terrorist attacks at hand, former Vice President Dick Cheney told WLAC/Nashville-based Radio Americatalker Steve Gill that he “doesn’t lose sleep” over the so-called “truthers” who still question what happened on that September morning a decade ago. “I really don’t pay any attention to them,” Cheney told Gill (pictured). “There are folks in the world who don’t want to believe certain things and want to say, ‘the government did it,’ or that it didn’t happen. I don’t lose a lot of sleep over it. If they’re too dumb to check the historical record, or rely on the facts, that’s their problem.” The ex-Veep joined Gill’s show earlier today to chat up his recently released book In My Time.

Editor’s Note: Tomorrow’s special edition of NTS MediaOnline Today will highlight many of the special programming features and events that will take place over the coming weekend as News/Talk/Sports broadcasters remember 9/11.

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Comment by sandy rose on September 14, 2011 at 8:59am

thanks, Thoth II, glad to have you among us in this horror.


     i like to think there are freakin baGILLIONS of us who know the

truth and feel the horror....    remember that part of the psychos plan

was to make us think we are alone in questioning their LIES AND BULLSHIT.


     i was very well pleased recently to see our own criminal nooze meeja

spout out that our cawngriss has a TWELVE per cent approval rating !!!@   hee

hee!   twelve percent!!!@ $%#^   is that a lot?  i think not.  we are not alone

in hating their putrid guts, tho they would like us to think that we are.  we

are not.  we are by the many, and we are unrelenting and strong and tough

and many.  they'll never tell us that on the nooze, and yet it is true.  (that's

why i push sometimes for us to band together more,  sigh.....)


      but yeah, .....criminal morons, whatever shall we do?....


     oh yeah, that thing that chains said about some people in the world

thinking that 9/11 didn't happen/.....??!!@?%$      what, mister chains?

some people think it didn't happen???? ..........................OHHHHHHHHH,

you mean that some always growing, magnificent number of people about the

world know that the offishal story never happened?    hijackers, nuh, planes,

nuh, buildings collapsing for the first time in history because of tiny fires,

uh.....no, yeah, mister chains, you guilty mass murdering thing that should

have its last heart attack any time now.......    whoa, was that bastard

admitting on live whatever that many of us KNOW that the offishal story

never happened?  maybe it's more nervous than it would care to admit.

maybe it has more sleepless nights than it can handle.  bitch whore.

eeeew, and i saw the vyeeeeeew was gonna have mass murdering

guilty bitch chains on that shew.  eeew, sure glad i don't watch THAT!

hey, i thought there was a truther moment on there at one time from

Rosie, heh heh, we should get Rosie and chains in the ring together!!!  :)







Comment by Thoth II on September 12, 2011 at 3:21pm

Of course, since Cheney obviously has no moral scruples whatsoever, it is no surprise he doesn't lose sleep over his blatant lies.  criminal moron is correct, Sandy. 


Trouble is, those criminal morons ARE the power structure of this new world order.  And I have no malice nor no ribbons for the billions of brain dead sheep who just robotically obey.  They don't even take the small time it takes to think about this new order.  Those of us with minds and souls are the small percentages these days, and they marginalize us. 


Comment by sandy rose on September 12, 2011 at 6:31am

sweet.   the facts are exactly what the truth is based on.  duh, chains.

i guess visions of sugarplums still dance in his head.  criminal moron.

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