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Conspiracy Theorist Deserve an Apology


JULY 19, 2012

Conspiracy Theorists Deserve An Apology

 The world must apologize to 9/11 truth-tellers.

The reason why there is so much hate and scorn for 9/11 truth activists is because they are right and consistent. The destruction of the 9/11 myth and war on terror ideology is unbearable for the children who are emotionally, spiritually, and psychologically attached to the U.S. government and the Israeli government. They are under the delusion that these evil governments actually care about them, their security, and their future. 

The mature men and women of America and the West are waking up and confronting the lies of 9/11 and 7/7. And this political awakening is not unique to America and Western civilization. There is a global political and spiritual awakening happening. All totalitarian regimes in the world will fail in hijacking history and they will fall into ruin. The state terrorists in Washington, London, and Tel Aviv have already lost the battle for history and the souls of mankind. 

Alternative accounts of history and reality under totalitarian regimes have always been denounced by regime political mouthpieces as crazy and conspiratorial. And they always failed because truth and history were not on their side. The crazy and the conspiratorial were proven right in the end. This is what history shows, and especially the history of the demonic 20th century. So we should have hope and continue to speak the truth about 9/11 to wake up as many people as possible before the U.S. and Israeli governments blow up the whole world. 

II. Unthinking and Regressive: Think Progress Attacks 9/11 Truth, Drudge Report, And Infowars 

The political mouthpiece of the Obama administration called 'Think Progress' tried to shame and belittle Drudge Report for highlighting Infowars stories. Paul Joseph Watson writes in his article, "Obama Front Group Attacks Drudge For Linking To Infowars":
"Think Progress is a little more than a PR firm for the Obama administration. No wonder they are so terrified that thanks to traffic from Drudge, the likes of Infowars and World Net Daily have grown to become two of the most visible anti-Obama news outlets on the web.

Think Progress claims it is upset that Drudge is promoting what they call “conspiracy theories,” but in reality the root of the anger is that Drudge is providing a platform for some of the Obama administration’s most ardent critics."
Think Progress is not worth talking about. It is an irrelevant thought-control political operation. Their reporters defend myths and fallacies while putting down truth-tellers as conspiracy theorists. What they are doing is not only unjust but just plain stupid. They are embarrassing themselves. It is actually very sad. 

Truth is more powerful than totalitarian propaganda. The mainstreaming of the 9/11 truth movement is unstoppable. 9/11 truth deniers should rejoin reality and admit that it is wrong to defend the official conspiracy theory that was spread by the Bush administration and Israeli government quickly after the traumatic events.

III. The Religious Nature of The 9/11 Deception and Propaganda 

Author and Christian theologian David Ray Griffin explained why the belief in the official conspiracy theory of 9/11 is religious in nature in his lecture in October 2007 called, "9-11 and Nationalistic Faith." Griffin was recently interviewed by Jan Frel of AlterNet in an article called, "David Ray Griffin: How a Retired Theologian Became a High-Priest of the 9/11 Truth Movement." Describing Dr. Griffin as a "High-Priest," suggesting that the 9/11 truth movement is somehow a new age mystery cult, is really aiming low.

9/11 truth has nothing to do with religion or priests. Scientific facts are the basis of the movement. Architects, engineers, chemists, scientists, and university professors are the leading spokespeople. Religious figures like Dr. Griffin have contributed great wisdom and understanding but to imply that the 9/11 truth movement is led by "priests" is a lie.

Priests are nowhere to be found in the 9/11 truth movement and that's okay because they are not needed. They are too busy defending evil empires on the pulpit and sacrificing moral principles for temporary power. Their days as the rulers of the spiritual life of Western civilization have come and gone.

Dr. Griffin is a noble exception, but, in general, Christianity has proven to be useless, corrupt, stupid, blind, and power-driven. The same is true for every other moronic religion that makes individuals submit their heart and soul to a corrupt clergy. The majority of Christians are too obsessed about the second coming and the holiness of Israel to really understand that 9/11 was an inside job committed by the occult elite in America and Israel. They don't want to admit that the criminal wars in the Middle East have nothing to do with defending the security of USrael.

What do priests and religious idiots offer humanity and the world? Nothing. They are absent in the battle for souls and the battle for freedom because they are corrupt, blind, and stupid. Expecting Christians to fight the totalitarian state and liberate America is laughable. I'm generalizing here, but Christians, Muslims, and religious Jews are the most tyrannical, greedy, hypocritical, hateful, soulless, and ungrateful people in the world. They want to have a monopoly on the human soul and human mind. What maniacs! And the totalitarian priests who head the CIA and Mossad are just as crazy and demented because they also want to monopolize the thoughts of citizens and control the growth of society. 

The role of blind religious faith in preventing people from seeing the truth about 9/11 is big. American Christians, who have bought USrael's propaganda and blindly accept the official 9/11 story, feel no shame in calling for the destruction of Iran and the Muslim world. They make me sick. They don't realize that they're bringing destruction upon themselves by calling for the destruction of other nations and civilizations. As they say, what goes around comes around. If warmongering American Christians want death and destruction so much then they will get it in plenty, except the fires of hell won't burn in the Middle East alone, but in America as well. 

IV. Conspiracy Theorists And 9/11 Truthers Deserve An Apology

Who is trying to stop World War III and wake the West up from its sleep? Progressives? No. Liberals? No. Conservatives? No. Christians? No. Journalists? No. They all believe in the official 9/11 deception, which is the ideological foundation that justifies USrael's aggressive wars in the Middle East. 

9/11 truth-tellers, the "conspiracy theorists," have tried to wake up humanity in order to stop the USraeli government from starting the catastrophe of world war three. And for their efforts they have been slandered and smeared in the press. But the 9/11 truth movement still continues to grow by the day.

There is a simple reason why the rise of 9/11 truth cannot be contained by the USraeli government, and it is this: the age of slandering and smearing is over. Belittling people by calling them mentally ill conspiracy theorists and truthers is not working anymore. We embrace these terms. We are proud of being called conspiracy theorists because it means we're thinking. 

Slandering and smearing Infowars and other alternative news websites is futile. It is a waste of time. Censorship, disinformation, and propaganda are failing. The global free market and global civil society have spoken. People want the news, not smears; truth, not lies; facts, not totalitarian propaganda; freedom, not tyranny; peace, not war. 

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Comment by Thoth II on July 29, 2012 at 8:08am

yes, he has three books about JFK , assassination science, murder in dealey plaza, great zapruder hoax; he explains logic;

but my favorite of his is called "Render Unto Darwin" probably available on amazon whereby he shows how to apply the scientific method.  

I think yes sheeple do not learn to think; they just blindly follow rules.  Us who do think then are in a sea of robots and they force us to do it their way.

Comment by Danny White on July 28, 2012 at 12:10pm

Thoth:  I couldn't agree more with your last statement. sheep  Can you recommend any particular books or articles

explaining the Dr Fetzer philosophy?  I learned something similar I think through electronic troubleshooting. As you

know, in electronics you're trying to chase those little boogers you can't see for a living. With all the new members, maybe Logic and Critical Thinking 101  would be helpful.

Comment by Thoth II on July 28, 2012 at 8:05am

About time, this is a long tradition going back to the early days Mark Lane, et al ; whereby it was an obvious CIA strategy to contain private investigations into the truth of matters.  Well, they aint never going to contain the great philosophy professor Jim Fetzer , and I am disappointed more people don't take the time to "go back to school" and listen to his major lessons about reasoning and scientific method and then applying them to current events.  What I think is, most people are just "ROBOTS" who blindly follow rules for a paycheck, and that is the bottom line in our society.  

Comment by Jeannon Kralj on July 23, 2012 at 9:59am

I reject the fast and loose use of the term "Christians" in this article, but I agree that 9-11 truth is not really being explored honestly by any Christian leader.

Here is a website that supposedly is about "religious leaders for 9-11 truth."




Just take a look over the home page and you will see the nanothermite flavor of this entire site.


It purportedly covers all religions, great "ecumenism" for AmCats.  The two Catholic posters I read comments from there are clearly in the nanothermite gang's corner.  (Dr. Robert Sungenis of Catholicintl.com, a lay Catholic apologist who exposes Jewish revolutionary spirit distortions, is the only Catholic leader I know of who speaks anywhere half truthfully about 9-11, but he too, along with Christopher Bollyn,  is in the nanothermite corner.)


That site has this article by Muslim Dr. Kevin Barret who tells us all about myths.




This essay is Chapter 12 of Kevin Barrett, John Cobb Jr., and Sandra Lubarsky, eds., 9/11 and American Empire: Christians, Jews, and Muslims Speak Out (Olive Branch Press,  2007).


Kevin Barrett


Comment by Jeannon Kralj on July 23, 2012 at 8:49am

This article belongs in the realm of the nanothermite gang.  It contains a little truth and a lot of error.

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