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Cross-Examination of the "No Hijacker" Theory: Do You Have Any Answers?

Link to "No Hijacker" Article: http://deanhartwell.weebly.com/deans-911-theory.html

Is there better evidence than the Bureau of Transportation Statistics as to whether Flights 11 and 77 were scheduled to fly or actually flew that day?

· Significance: If they flew, the whereabouts of these planes must be accounted for. It still leaves open the Cleveland Airport facet of the story.

Can we confirm the approximately 200 passengers allegedly seen being led from an airplane to a NASA building at the Cleveland airport?

· Significance: If the claim is false, it calls into question where Flight 175 wound up.

Did the flight passengers allegedly on the planes in question really exist?

· Significance: If they are all or mostly fictitious, we have trouble accounting for the Cleveland 200.

Can we confirm my theory of the paths of Flight 175 from Boston to Cleveland and Flight 93 from Newark to Pennsylvania?

· Significance: We may not be able to confirm flight paths, but information contradicting these paths calls my theories on these flights into question and means there were likely other places they wound up.

Were other planes not listed in my theory involved?

· Significance: New planes bring about new facts. One idea worth noting is that a flight like the alleged Flight 1898, thought by some to have landed in Cleveland, may have been an alias for other planes.

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