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December 16, 2006: A Brilliant Assessment of the Events of 9/11 by John Schou

Here is an extraordinary assessment of the events of 9/11 from the German physician, John Schou


Reconstructing 9/11 – Five Years Later (from 2006 analysis by German physician John Schou)

Even five years after the event which changed the World, the real criminals can look with satisfaction (and I with surprise) at the polls which reveal that the majority of people in the Western World believe in the official fairy-tale, although a superficial consideration of the facts should suffice to reject it. I have collected a large number of evidences which describe the official irregularities connected to 9/11 [http://www.schou.de/terrorwar/Responsible for 9-11.pdf].

It seems reasonable, on occasion of the fifth anniversary of the terror act, to reconstruct it on the same basis, meaning that this presentation shall be void of references; all preconditions are argued for in the mentioned presentation.

Advantages taken from 9/11

Many advantages have been taken from 9/11, and not all were planned. Three groups of objects can, however, be identified which were definitely scheduled for in the preparations:

1. Political/military aspects; these include

a. Establishing the American dictatorship (PATRIOT act, various other violations of the American constitution and civil rights, preparations started before 9/11).

b. Military expansion as defined in the PNAC-project in September 2000, later resulting in the wars of the Middle East. The military expansion started before 9/11.

c. Avoidance of further questioning of the presidential legitimacy of George W Bush after the vote-fraud in Florida, November 2000.

2. Financial gains from the WTC-demolition

a. Saving the City of New York an immense cost from cautious demolition of an asbestos-containing skyscraper.

b. Silverstein’s historic -record insurance-fraud.

c. Washing black money in the doomed towers.

3. Israeli blackmail through foreknowledge

a. Carte-blanche for military and political support for Israel’s warfare and apartheid since 9/11; US is now acting as Israel’s colony.

b. Active aid in the demolition in New York

c. Telephone-espionage


1. To the preparations, the description of ‘the new Pearl Harbor’ in the neoconservative manifest (September 2000) must be counted. Further activities were only possible after the ‘election’ of George W. Bush for president.

2. The next recognizable preparation takes place in March with the leasing contract of Larry Silverstein of the WTC-towers. In order to save money for leasing and insurance, the contract is made valid only by the end of July, enough for preparing the coming demolition.

3. In June, a number of political and military preparations can be identified. Cheney schedules the six, partially distracting exercisesand changes the rules for airplane interception.

5 Israeli espionage on the patsies (later designated hijackers) in Florida and California indicates that they are aware of part of the plan.

4. In September, Richard Mueller is made chief of the FBI. This enables him to prepare FBI’s actions of the day in New York, Washington and Cleveland.

5. The mobilisation of the ‘hijacker-patsies’ has been excellently described by Hopsinger. It is probable that their new role was decided at a later time. At least Atta had previously a position in the drug smuggling related to CIA.

6. Two remotely controlled planes, which were going to hit the WTC, as well as the unidentified flying object, which was used against Pentagon, and the missile, which was fired in Shanksville, were required.

7. The part of Pentagon, which was going to be hit, was evacuated for renovation.

Reconstructing 9/11 – Five Years Later 2

8. A suitable place (forest by Shanksville) was spotted out for the fourth (spare?) assault.

9. The WTC-towers were prepared for the controlled demolition. For that, we know that the van from ‘Urban Moves’ (the five dancing Israelis) showed traces of explosives and the electrical supply of the Southern tower was shut down on September 8-9. Also the controlled demolition of WTC-7 must have been prepared in advance, it demands extensive time and there is no point in carrying explosives to an (even only slightly) burning building.

10. Although only hypothetical, I am pretty convinced that the four allegedly hijacked planes met at the NASA Research Center adjacent to the International Airport in Cleveland. Reasons for this theory are given in the large documentary. But then, a facility must have been prepared in advance; see my fiction ‘A Long Travel Home.’

The plot on 9/11

There were different sections of the plot. The ‘hijacking story’ with the simultaneous distracting exercises was a key part, but in fact unrelated to the planes which hit the two towers. This spectacular action was again totally unrelated to the controlled demolition of the three (sic!) skyscrapers. It is possible that the concept of a fourth plane being hijacked was meant as a spare precaution in case a new assault was needed in one of the targets in New York or Washington. Since the planes had allegedly been downed into different places (where there were no traces left of them), the original planes and their human load had to be removed (probably during the subsequent night).

What almost went wrong

In a big project, errors are bound to occur. In 9/11, many major ones happened, showing the amateurish state of some of the culprits and a lousy synchronization by the leaders of the crime. Unfortunately, the mainstream media failed to pose critical questions and instead lent their authority in support of the official fairy tale. Thirty of the many more questions, which should have been made, are given in the following:

1. Why were there many warnings of an attack on WTC, using hijacked airplanes, in July and August?

2. Why did the American government deny having received such warnings?

3. Why were obvious preparations (six exercises) scheduled for September 11, 2001?

4. Why were the rules for interception changed?

5. Why were the OTIS AFB jets not seen over New York? Were they possibly hunting the real jets?

6. Why was the story of the scrambled jets from Langley AFB altered to Andrews after more than a year?

7. Why was Atta’s rented car standing at the Logan Airport in Boston when he was coming there by plane from Portland in Maine? And why were there two different timestamps on the published security camera?

8. Why were there no time stamps on the delayed published ‘security video footage’ from Dulles Airport? Why were the outdoor scenes reflecting a vertically standing sun when the alleged hijackers were arriving shortly after sunrise?

9. Why does NTBS deny to have received black boxes from Ground Zero, delivered later by the fire brigades?

10. How did FBI manage to confiscate the video surveillance footage from the gas station and the Sheraton Hotel within minutes of the crash into Pentagon?

11. Why does FBI refuse to show what kind of flying object hit Pentagon?

12. How is it possible to make DNA analysis of severely burned dead bodies which were reportedly found at Pentagon and in Shanksville? Why are none of these bodies seen on any of the pictures? Remember for this question that the aluminium of the alleged Boeings at the two places had vaporized by the serious burn.

13. Were the fire fighters too fast up in the South Tower (WTC-2)? Why did they not report any ferocious fire there? Was this the reason for WTC-2 to be demolished first although it was hit last?

Reconstructing 9/11 – Five Years Later 3

14. If there was a ferocious fire in WTC-1, how could trapped persons be waving out of the hole?

15. Why were there so few people at work (1/3 of the employees in the two towers) that morning? Why had some persons been warned to fly?

16. How could CNN, which had abandoned its WTC offices, start showing a live attack within one minute?

17. How could the acting pResident repetitively claim to have seen the first plane hitting the WTC in the limousine’s TV before he went to the goat-story show in Saratoga (Florida)?

18. How could he fail to react, even failing to ask “by whom?” as Andrew Card whispered “America is under attack” during the goat-story show?

19. Why did the security service let the acting pResident away without security measures (e.g., adjoining fighter-jet escort) when ‘America is under attack’ ?

20. Why did the FBI’s list of suicide include a number (seven or eight) which reported from Europe and the Middle-East to be alive? Why was the list not adjusted?

21. Why were ~200 Israeli spies expelled without charge in 2001 while young Moslems were kept in prison for up to five years (possibly longer) under suspicion of terrorist activity (but in most cases, without being charged).

22. Why did Silverstein one year later claim that the fire fighters had suggested that WTC-7 should be ‘pulled’ and how should that be carried out in a burning building?

23. Why were the other WTC buildings being evacuated immediately but not the two which had been hit by the airplanes?

24. How did Rudolpho Giuliani know that the towers were going to collapse? Why, then, were the fire fighters not warned?

25. Why were the air-controller’s tape destroyed by a scissor and distributed in several waste-baskets?

26. Why was Sibel Edmonds given a gag for her knowledge? What did she know?

27. Why were there Raytheon executives in three of the planes?

28. Why did Ted Olsen lie about his wife’s call? Why was the impossible story about the mobile phone calls created and cultivated?

29. How did a hijacker-passport make the way through the fireball down to a New York street (in a wholly undisturbed condition)?

30. Why was no reference made to the other stewardess as the two A-11-stewardesses’ story was presented years apart?

You will notice that there is no mention of the white-wash (Kern) commission – its function was quite obviously to assist in the preservation of the original fairy-tale and its report is a farce.

In conclusion, there is much to learn for the next staged terror attack. By the way, Silverstein bought the Sear’s Tower in Chicago in 2006. Nothing is known about the insurance sum but I recommend the employees to look for a new job in a lower building.

Destruction of evidence

The destruction of evidence, reflected above in questions 1, 9, 11, 21 and 25 is part of the crime and can be regarded a confirmation of bad consciousness.

Who are at large of the culprits?

First, have a look at yourself: are you one of those still supporting the official fairy-tale?

We all did, more or less, but there are many others directly involved and therefore deserving rowing at the gallows. Since 9/11 has changed an already corrupt nation into a police state. The culprits have a fair chance to die a natural death without juridical persecution – in utter contrast to their victims of 9/11 and later.

December 16, 2006

John Schou

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