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Please note that the Amazon "paperback" is a ruse.  This is a left over from a dilatory publisher that never happened. That book does NOT exist, but the REAL one that is self-published by Dr. Wood is available being  hard bound and of the highest quality of any text book does exist at www.wheredidthetowersgo.com.

Dr. Judy Wood's book is destined to be one of the most important books of this century.  It is amazing to me that the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) admits that there Final Report DOES not cover the "collapse" of the WTC but only is a "probable [hypothetical] collapse sequence."  And even more amazing is that no one has disclosed this, instead in the "911" "truth" blogs/forums wherein all you see is the merry-go-round text with people changing horses so many times that the Truth compass is non-existent.

Dr. Wood's Book is the ONLY forensic investigation with comprehensive empirical evidence of the destruction of the WTC, i.e., "the new investigation" precluding EVEN the illusion of the National Institute of Standards and Technology's (NIST) Final Report, which  NIST has admitted that they did not investigate the "collapse" (sic) of the WTC.

Read Dr. Wood's book and you can take all of the Thermite, nano-therimite, superduper Nina Thermite, the "appearance" of controlled demolitions, explosives, nukes, etc. and flush them as they are all beyond junk science.  Strictly PsyOps by the unknown Powers for the masses.

WELL, the Good News is that "Where Did The Towers Go Book" is available for all of those that have been chanting from the roof tops and in other forums that  "We need a new investigation", lest we not forget the AE911 Truth 1,400 + Engineers and Architects lead by Richard Gage mantra of "We need a new investigation" is available at www.wheredidthetowersgo.com.   Your wish has been fulled, so will the mantra of "We need a new investigation" cease?

    Now that the "what" and "how" has been established of the WTC therefore those that promulgate and espouse their who dunnit theories from the box-cutters folks, Muslims, Israelis, our coup d'etat government, our military, etc. are now armed with the empirical evidence to pursue the "who" had the Directed Energy Weapons (DEW) technology to accomplish the WTC -- 9/11 destruction.  Will you act now?

Step 1 -- you can send your Congressmen in D.C. the book (the empirical evidence ("what" and "how") that was mandated by Congress for NIST to provide to them, but didn't), so now there isn't any plausible deniability excuse for Congress to NOT ACT.  Wouldn't Congress want to know who did the destruction of the WTC?

Step 2 -- you can now demand since the empirical evidence exists of the "how" and "what" has been accomplished to pursue post haste the "who" dunnit.  Congress (probably only by sending a certified delivery prepaid book to your specific Representative and Senator) should be hounded unrelentingly to issue subpoenas and have an "open" hearing so that the "who" had the DEW technology to accomplish 9/11 destruction is disclosed.  That Answer is contained within two  companies, whose specialties are to know everyone in the world that has this technology (Tesla's), wherein the American people can finally determine the "who" dunnit folks from those that had the technology.  These two companies are, to wit:

    a.    Applied Research Associates

    b.    Science Applications International Corp.


Lets get on board and get this done as too much time has been wasted to date with all of the PsyOps, Pied Pipers into the abyss of hell and obfuscations.  Get over it -- free energy is here and technologies of "cold fusion" including "Tesla's" technology is here and validated.

Lets give all of the Congressmen that proffer ipse dixit pontifications ad nauseam something constructive to do and see how deep their pockets are tied to one of the most heinous crimes in America and not forgetting the illusions of safety of the Patriot Act legislation, etc to make it safe for us -- from who?

"Truth is not afraid of scrutiny!"  Are you afraid to act?


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