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False Flag Imminent 26 June 2011By wmw_admin on June 14, 2011
Edtheball69 – The Peoples United Community June 13, 2011

PEOPLE ! Let’s help stop a possible false flag attack! Spread this truth!! A lawsuit against Angela Merkel, Chancellor of Germany was filed by attorney, Torsten van Geest on May 31, 2011. This lawsuit alleges that Merkel possesses knowledge of a possible false flag attack or mega-ritual event on Berlin’s Olympic Stadium during the opening day of the Women’s World Soccer Championship Games on 6/26/2011 and that she has not performed her primary duty of providing adequate protection to Germany and it’s citizens. 

The first part of the lawsuit attempts to establish a pattern thru thorough investigation and exposes what led up to the attacks on 9/11, how “movies”, television, and music foretold the attack via hidden messages, the probable agenda, the likely culprits, information regarding the “drills” which “coincidentally” mimicked the attacks, and much more. It is of great concern that this same media is now foretelling of an attack on Berlin’s Olympic Stadium, on June 26th, 2011, the opening day of these games. ( FYI: Germany will be playing Canada.)

It is noteworthy that Merkel made a televised New Year’s speech and quite oddly, chose that time to talk specifically about opening day of the Women’s World Soccer Championship Games. Also, it is now known that an Anti-terror training/drill has been scheduled to occur on the same day in Berlin. The lack of response to the attacks on 9/11 and 7/7 was later portrayed by the media as incompetence and/or unpreparedness. This has been used as justification by Governments for ushering in new laws for the purpose of bringing about police-state like security system(s). This is evidenced by loss of liberties and freedom for the people of both USA and Great Britain and other countries around the world. It is conceivable that WW3 could be an outcome if a false flag attack occurs in Berlin during these games, and probably IRAN will be blamed. 

When I saw this information (provided in the links below) for the first time, I immediately thought about last summer when for FIRST TIME EVER almost everybody in the USA seemed to be watching the World Cup. At that time, I thought this might turn out to be significant, somehow. Then, I saw that the false flag threat is being directed at the women’s games, and thought this might be even MORE significant, “ritually speaking”. Please, take a few minutes and look over the information, and if you agree that this is something the people of the world might ought to be concerned and/or know about, then, make your best effort to pass it along so that it is as widely known as possible. It may be the only thing that we can do on order to help stave off an attack.

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