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I suggest to all of us who know the official theory of 9/11 is wrong that we evaluate realistically what our knowledge is worth.

I participated in the Vancouver Hearings and hoped somehow that would lead to prosecution of some of the perpetrators.

Though I am happy for my participation in what was an historic conference of speakers, I no longer believe this goal is realistic.

Nor do I believe the mainstream media, which helped to cover up the true events of 9/11, will ever conclude that we are right.

I instead believe that events like 9/11 will continue to happen and our leaders and our mainstream media will continue to cover them up until the truth no longer matters.

Those who mislead us use fear to scare us and to persuade us to discard logic.

Our greatest achievement will be to use our logic to promote explanations of all events in an even-handed fashion.

The future is not likely to be much different than the past and not likely to be much better or worse than the present.

The events of 9/11 are simply a symptom of a deeper issue.

We hear lies, we know they are lies and we can't persuade others who are scared to believe the truth.

Our own freedom from fear is our reward.

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Comment by Dean on May 9, 2013 at 8:20pm

We don't lack in evidence (I liked this e-book, by the way).  We lack an audience.  We also need a credible goal.  We need to sway people away from the mainstream media.  Here is something I have started.  I put this phrase on my site on the home page and one of the essays: This site operates as part of independent media.

Comment by Danny White on May 9, 2013 at 3:51pm

I wonder if an e-book similar to NZ911Truth might appeal to a larger audience:  http://www.911-see-the-evidence.com/

Comment by Dean on May 8, 2013 at 3:25pm

The only thing stopping those behind the "war on terror" is us.  While we have done a great job proving the flaws of official theories like the one for 9/11, we have done a terrible job organizing the replacement of those in power.  The "sheep" will follow the ones who organize best.  That's not us.

Comment by Danny White on May 8, 2013 at 1:25pm

I'm sorry, but I think Gore gave up way too easy.  9/11 was planned long before 2000.  I'm not sure things would have been much different with Gore.  The "war on terror" had to go on as planned. Gore was probably in some briefings by the CIA in the planning stages. Maybe that's why he quit so fast.  I'm not quite ready to write this all off as a lost cause.  There's a lot at stake here. What is to slow this criminal gang from their boundless "war on Terror"?

Comment by Dean on May 7, 2013 at 1:31pm
Our situation is very little different from Al Gore in 2000.

Never mind whether you care for Gore or not.

He won more votes in Florida than Bush.

But Bush held all of the trump cards to (a) stop the recounts needed for Gore to prove his claim he had more votes and (b) if necessary, get the Florida legislature to vote in a new set of electors pledged to him

Gore was in a no-win situation

Likewise, we can do nothing about the justice system or the media, either of whom could vindicate our belief that the official theory is wrong

We are playing a game we cannot win

What we need to do is change the game we are playing

We can start by refusing to see ourselves as victims.

The powers that be lying to the public is as old as this nation itself.
There is no "truth, justice and the American way."
There is only the truth.
There is no point wasting time with people who live in "Alice in Wonderland" where everything is backward.
Concede the "game" of 9/11 to the liars who brought it to us.
The victory is pyrhhic.
The game to win is peace of mind.
Turn off the mainstream media, stop listening to those who push the official theory and keep looking for truth on whatever you think is important.
Comment by Danny White on May 6, 2013 at 9:27pm

I grew up believing in apple pie and the American flag standing for something special.  Unfortunately closure leaves a big

hole in my World view.  We are better than a bunch of 2-bit loser Zionistas in Israel and here at home.   The next phase of the 9/11 Truth movement will be a hard one, without some global catalyzing communications device ... like the Internet. MSM is a dying breed, short of Jon Stewart.  The young people have the most to lose or gain in this fight with

the devil.  Fortunately they can text message at the speed of light.  We just need the message plain and

simple, like:  ... nukes (radioactive crap in the dust) ... no planes (aluminum beercan soft / steel-concrete hard) ...

actors (will say anything for money) ... Lying politicians (what's new) ... Media manipulation (Who's in control of what

you see and hear on TV) ... Jet Fuel (not explosive, won't melt steel) ... Pentagon (will say anything for money) ... etc

Here's hoping things CAN change.  cheers

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