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Gulf of Mexico Seafloor Bursting Throuth

Gulf of Mexico Seafloor Bursting Through

I have just received this.  I would like to know if anyone can confirm its truth or its falsity.
1:17 PM (9 hours ago)
to cals
  BP had drilled very close to a rising salt dome beneath the
seabed of the Gulf of Mexico. There was widespread splitting
of the seabed, which resulted in widespread leakage of oils and
gases, up through the seafloor. Oil industry executive Matthew
Simmons was murdered because he was revealing this
obfuscated fact to the public via FOX-TV News.
  The major concern emanating from this geologic disaster is
that seabeds around the world are beginning to break up and
burst forth with oils and gases.
  BP had to perpetrate multiple murders, threats of murder,
mass media lies, etc. in order to conceal this alarming fact
from the people, because once having discovered that this
so-called BP oil spill was actually a global natural disaster in
its incipient stages, the people would begin to enquire, and
discover the government-concealed astronomical evidence
that comets are being gravitationally drawn in by a Jupiter-class
dwarf star, and these comets and dwarf star are now exciting
Sun and Earth, magnetically, electrically, and eventually,
gravitationally, to a globally catastrophic climax. It is these
burgeoning traumas afflicting Planet Earth, the other planets,
and the Sun, which have caused the sinking of "the lost
continent of Atlantis," around 9,000 B.C.
  You see, the reason why ancient historical records portend
these coming events is that chronological indexing,
throughout the past 110 centuries, shows uniform temporal
demarcations, regular time spans of 36 1/2 centuries each
(i.e. 110 divided by 36 1/2 yields the number 3) between
each of these three catastrophic index points on the timeline
of ancient-to-modern history, meaning that three Global
cataclysms have occurred in the past 11,000 years:
1) the sinking of the continent of Atlantis around 9,000 B.C.
2) the great global Flood of Noah's day, around 5,300 B.C.
  [google:    Pitman  Ryan  Flood]
3) the Ten Plagues of Egypt accompanying the Israelites' Exodus
from Egypt, around 1,650 B.C.
  How do these Ancient Cataclysms relate to the Gulf of Mexico?
A salt dome seems to form by much the same mechanism as
does a magma dome. With this recent and ongoing comet/Sun-
stimulated increase in the internal energy of Earth's mostly
molten iron core, there is a consequent transfer of some of the
core's increasing heat energy into the vast magma mantle that
lies between the core and Earth's lithospheric crust. This heat
transfer acts like a stove flame transferring its heat energy to a
pot of pudding resting above the flame. Due to this heating of
the molten rock/metal mixture comprising the pudding-like mantle,
magma pluming activity occurs up through the mantle (as with
your household lava lamp), and these mantle plumes (magma plumes)
-- piercing upward through hundreds of miles of thick, pudding-like
mantle -- eventually rise to impinge upon the underside of Earth's
lithospheric crust, which comprises the land surfaces and seabeds.
                         John DiNardo

“The rock beds in the vicinity of a salt dome are highly fractured
and permeable due to stress and deformation which occur as the
salt dome thrusted upwards.”
(Per B.K. Lim, Geohazards Specialist)

"As the diagrams clearly indicate, the geology around the well bore
has been blown.  This occurred because of drilling contiguous to a
salt dome(1), as well as because of the gas explosions which did much
damage to the integrity of the well casing, cementing, well bore, well
head, and foundation around the well head.  Eighty-seven straight days
of gushing hydrocarbon effluent under great pressure only served to
further undermine the entire well system.  Finally, when it was capped,
putting the system back under pressure forced the upsurging
hydrocarbons to find weaknesses throughout the greater system, which
revealed all sorts of compromised, fractured and unsettled geology through
which the hydrocarbons could travel all the way to the seafloor and into the
Gulf of Mexico."

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