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"Editor's Note: The Huffington Post's editorial policy, laid out in our blogger guidelines, prohibits the promotion and promulgation of conspiracy theories -- including those about 9/11. As such, we have removed this post"

Why? If political subjects can't be discussed freely on your post, why do you even exist? Could it be for being a mouthpiece for certain special interests?

Is a paradigm shift occuring: since Mark Lane, Sylvia Meagher, and Harold Weisberg, the strategy has been to label conspiracy theorists "kooks". Now that isn't working. Now they are just censoring them. This is the shift from "kooks" to dangerous "dissidents, aka, domestic terrorists".

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Comment by Thoth II on March 16, 2010 at 4:04pm
Well said. Arianna herself is in with the elites.

Since branding political researchers "kooks" is no longer flying, they have to censor now, that is the new tactic. I think their intelligence agents are making calculations as to how low the income of most americans is as part of their strategy. When it gets sufficiently low, all these lies and pretenses will no longer be necessary. They'll just poke people and say "what are you going to do about it", just like they do in all 3rd world countries.

This is a predictable outcome of a long term plan by the ruling classes starting really in the immediate post WWII days with the foundation of the CIA. They needed an agency hidden under the tired bromide "national security" to hide what they were really up to, which was increasing their wealth at the expense of the American and world's citizens. This has happened many times in history, under one guise or another, but the end goal is always the same: impoverish the masses, and cut them out of the "intelligence" so they don't even know what is hitting them.
Comment by Shallel Octavia on March 15, 2010 at 9:12pm
The Ides of March at The Huffington Post


I guess Arianna Huffington really is a Democrat, and I can prove it. Do an X-Ray of her back and you’ll find that the supporting structure is a gelatin product. She can disagree with Governor Ventura’s questions all she wants. She could put up a disclaimer that she disagreed completely with him asking questions. Instead she runs to censor questions that could lead to questions that might involve a conspiracy. When some of us “little people” ask questions, I guess we should know that our “betters” know what’s best. Of course Bush and company always told the complete and unadulterated truth about everything. Outside of their unswerving support for honesty and openness in government, the Bush administration was nothing but the paramount of virtue. So we need to sit down and shut up. Only anarchists, I mean commies, I mean liberals, I mean terrorists would question the government.

I’m tired of being a good boy, and shutting up. So are a lot of people. Our hackles are up. We’re tired of our friends and family being ground up for the Repugnicrats wars. We don’t care that you’ve impoverished the Afghan people to that point that they have no choice but to be the CIA’s drug supplieri, and how much you want to keep them under thumb . We’re pretty well convinced that just leaving them alone would be better than continuing to bomb their mud huts. By the same token it is pretty well believed that letting Iraqis harvest their own seeds, as they’ve done since before recorded history, instead of paying Monsanto, might be better for themii. There’s a chance that the Iraqis would like to be in charge of their own wateriii, or God forbid their own oiliv. Maybe, just maybe the country with the second highest concentration of dentists on the planet could run things on their own if we didn’t impose crippling sanctions that murdered half a million childrenv (Democrat imposed), or a war of aggression that murdered another million plusvi. Some of us knew that it was all lies. We knew Bush and Rumsfield et al were lying to the countryvii. We knew that it was an overt ploy to gather more money for their croniesviii. Some of us even suspected that there were important pieces on the geo-political chess board being moved aboutix, but we were ignored before and after. Of course though we immediately saw the new Democrat administration right the wrongs.

Since the Democrats no longer needed to play out the war to make sure they could game more seats at election time with the lives of brown people half a world away, they’ve gone into overdrive righting the wrongs. Since they were swept into power, they’ve pulled our troops home. What they didn’t? They closed Guantanamo? They didn’t you say? They’ve closed down the CIA black sitesx and started prosecuting confessed torturersxi, as required not only under mountains of treaties, but simple human decency? No? Hmm. How about some stuff for Americans, like rolling back the banksters billions? The Dems upped it to trillions you sayxii? So they convicted the telcoms for running an American Stasixiii? No? I don’t understand. What about net neutrality? I mean it’s such a little thing? Secret closed door meetings with the White House where Obama rolls over for the RIAA/MPAA you sayxiv? Hmmm.

Like most everyone, I may be mad as Hell at the Republicans and what they did, but I’m disgusted with the Democrats. The Democrats control both houses of Congress and a very beefed up White House (what do you mean Obama’s still using signing statementsxv?), and they haven’t done a damn thing demanded of those with the smallest hint of decency. Yet they and their cheerleaders, I’m looking at you Arianna, are bothered that an Independent dares to question Bush? Doing nothing was bad enough, but now you side with the monsters.

All I’ve asked for is that fires in NY, where many people, including emergency personnel died, be investigated by the New York City Fire Departmentxvi. Somehow that’s too much. Governor Ventura was only asking why the media didn’t ask questionsxvii, when there are so many. I guess that the Huffington Post is a branch of government now, and above questioning.

Finally conspiracies don’t exist, just ask Julius Caesarxviii.


















Comment by Thoth II on March 14, 2010 at 12:08pm
Yeah, you're right. I truly had high hopes for the alternative media about 10 years ago, but now it too has been infiltrated by dark agents. I don't know why the ruling classes are continuing this charade, why don't they just come right out and admit that this is a tyranny, they're only fooling the weak minded any more. This situation might be unprecedented, all through human history, people in tyrannies just knew they were being lied to, so why continue this silly deceit?
Comment by Shallel Octavia on March 13, 2010 at 12:06pm
This certainly is no surprise to me, view HuffPo as you would any other MSM, with very discerning eyes!
Comment by Thoth II on March 12, 2010 at 9:17am
Unlike the Huff Post, Len Osanic's Blackopradio had the guts to interview Jesse. His show is at the blackop archives now. Jesse announced good news: his contract for Conspiracy Theory series on TruTv has been renewed and new installments will be aired this fall.

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