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Hypothesis: The Boarding of United 93 on 9/11


Plotters sent the “relatives” of the “victims” to Newark Airport to get their plane tickets and boarding passes at secret location (a.k.a. “United 91,” a flight many of the United 93 passengers were originally supposed to board.  It never flew.)

Relatives use the names of the “victims” and board United 93 at the tarmac.

They are let off at 8:28 AM

Plane takes off with small group of plot insiders 8:42 AM.  It later lands in Cleveland.

“Relatives” go home and prepare to “grieve” the “victims”

So, the “relatives” ARE the “victims”!  It would be one way to reduce the number of people who are paid off.

How did I arrive at these conclusions?  Read more here

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