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If the official account of bin Laden's death were true, it would be barbaric!

*Barbaric*  (Written by European author Elias Davidsson):

by Elias Davidsson on Osama bin Laden's murder

According to mass media, Osama bin Laden was murdered yesterday, on May 1st, 2011.  He was murdered with "other family members", whose identity is still unknown.  The President of the United States of America took credit for this act of murder. Murder is prohibited in every jurisdiction. It is regarded as a criminal act both under national and international law. President Barack Obama should henceforth be charged for ordering an act of outright murder.

1.  Mass media report Americans "celebrating" the murder of Osama bin Laden.  CNN reported that a crowd was singing "God Bless America" near Ground Zero and that outside the White House a crowd was "jubilating." Others reportedly sung the national hymn, as if murder was a patriotic act.  Celebrating murder is a barbaric practice.  Civilized people never condone murder, let alone celebrate it.

2.  Osama bin Laden was not charged for any links to 9/11. U.S. leaders did not directly attribute to him the crime of 9/11.  In March 2002, President George W. Bush said in a press conference that he was not anymore concerned by the fate or whereabouts Osama bin Laden (OBL). Was he lying, or was bin Laden already dead by that time, as reported in Pakistani media?  The FBI admitted in 2006 that it possesses no "hard evidence" to connect OBL to the events of 9/11.  This admission was made after a journalist discovered that the FBI fails to mention OBL's nexus to 9/11 on its website. Mass media have deliberately suppressed this lack of evidence, in order to keep the public supporting the war on Afghanistan and the "war on terrorism".   President Barack Obama has now demonstrated his mendacity by suggesting that Osama bin Laden was responsible for the mass-murder of 9/11. Those reading the exact wording of his speech - in which he announced the murder of Osama bin Laden - will note that he did not directly link Osama bin Laden for 9/11. He merely suggested this allegation by rhetorical means, the typical conduct of a masterful swindler.

3.  Even suspected criminals are entitled to a fair trial.  At the very threshold of civilized conduct, persons may be sentenced to death after having been proven guilty beyond reasonable doubt by an impartial court for the most odious crimes.  Osama bin Laden was accused of many crimes.  But he was not proven guilty of any crime in a court of law.  He was not charged for any connection to the mass-murder of 9/11. He was widely suspected to pose as a radical Muslim but actually acting for Western intelligence services in discrediting Islam.  Whatever he ever said, or is alleged to have said, was, however, no ground for murder.  To hound and murder a fugitive - if that was his condition - would make this murder particularly odious. 

4.  One of the persons murdered yesterday is alleged to have been Osama bin Laden.  But this is not certain.  According to CNN, an unnamed U.S. official said that bin Laden "was buried at sea". He explained that this was done in order to abide by "the Islamic tradition."  How dare people who commit murder claim to have respect for religious traditions, let alone Islam?  Do Muslims throw bodies of dead people into the sea?  Another claimed that by throwing the body into the sea, the U.S. tried to prevent his burial ground to become a shrine, as if Osama bin Laden was widely perceived as a hero!  The swift disposal of his body suggests, however, that the murderers were concerned that the public would discover that the victim was mutilated or that the body did not belong at all to Osama bin Laden.  

5.  The silence surrounding the identities of the "other family members" who also were murdered, demonstrates the disregard by the U.S. government for human lives.  Even if their deaths was not directly desired, it was taken into account.  Their killing would be considered under common law as "reckless murder", for which President Barack Obama must be held to account.

6.  Congratulations by world leaders for this act of cowardly murder should raise concern to every member of the human family.  When national leaders express their satisfaction over an act of outright murder, they forfeit their claim to remain in power.  Decent people around the world should seek the removal from public office of any person who commends murder.

7.  The murder of a person alleged to be Osama bin Laden is obviously an effort to revive the monstrous lie that Muslims committed the mass-murder of 9/11, a lie that is being increasingly exposed as the 10th anniversary of the mass-murder is approaching. The US government of Barack Obama has decided to enforce this lie by an act of cowardly murder and by further lies.  These efforts will not succeed.  This episode of evil will be duly documented and justice will prevail.  The killers of Osama bin Laden must be charged, prosecuted and punished in order that such acts will not be repeated. 

The above text was written under the impact of the shock that befell the author by learning about the cowardly murder and the barbaric sequels to that murder.  Those who doubt some of the claims made above are invited to request sources from the author.

Elias Davidsson
Bonn, Germany
2 May 2011,  11:00 a.m. GMT

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