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INDIA NUKE ALREADY DEPLOYED by Ken Welch February 9, 2010



by Ken Welch in Houston
February 9, 2010

How can you tell if an Osama Bin Laden tape is a fake?

Easy! It says Osama Bin Laden on it.

Digging all the way back to 9-11 we’ve examined countless audio and video tapes from Al Qaeda leaders of various stripe and to put it bluntly, every single one of them is a fake. That’s right. There has never been a real one. Not even one.

We know this because all the Al Qaeda actors present us with clear reversed speech in English. In most cases (definitely not all) it is distinctly American English. Of course, reversed speech is a natural and unconscious process that can’t be controlled; otherwise they would stop it. Without going into a lot of detail, English is their native language because their unconscious thoughts are in English even while they are reading a speech in some other language.

The reason we are talking about Osama Bin Laden is that within two days of the time that Wall Street and the Medical Monopoly had to give up their mysterious Health Care Reform package and signal the Oil Cartel that they could proceed once again with the Armageddon Plot, a Bin Laden audio tape appeared claiming a connection with the Underwear Bomber.

You know the Underwear Bomber. Somewhere in Yemen there’s a CIA guy who is still laughing about selling the kid a bomb that wouldn’t work. But of course in Washington the Bomber is worth his weight in gold. Most recently the unfortunate Nigerian has become the focus of a new educational campaign about human rights. It seems that in America, human beings have no rights until a cop gives them some. This occurs when they are “Mirandized” by the policeman. Then they suddenly have some rights, thanks to the policeman’s magical powers.

Nothing could be more repugnant to our Constitution or the American way of life, yet CNN, FOX, and even NPR have broadcast this concept several thousand times in the last week without the slightest quibble. Even Glenn Beck had no objection.

But let’s get back to that Bin Laden tape because it tells us more about the nuclear weapon that India’s Prime Minister sold to the Nimmers. Since the first of January, all U.S. propaganda networks have been broadcasting the name “Al Qaeda” four to five hundred times a day. It seems you can’t rob a tea shop in Karachi these days without being described on the CNN news ticker as “Al Qaeda Linked.” We even have new fantasy Al Qaeda organizations popping up fully staffed and ready to go. Make no mistake, this is a MAJOR psychological campaign. Why? Yemen has OIL. So, after we nuke Iran, we are going on to Yemen to fight more imaginary terrorists there.

Since no one believes that the wily old Osama Bin Laden is to be found in Yemen, he has outlived his usefulness. He has to be minimized. Made irrelevant. Or perhaps redundant, as they say in Britain.

And that’s exactly what happened. I was watching FOX on cable when the new Bin Laden tape was announced. It was described as not-yet-authenticated, but the oh-so-slick Shepard Smith jumped in to say that all the Al Qaeda tapes FOX had ever shown were genuine, so this one would be also. This is the second time he’s done this, so I’d say surveys must be showing that people are wising up. But it was then only a few hours before virtually all news sources were saying that Bin Laden had nothing to do with the Underwear Bomber, and was a washed-up has-been just trying to grab some meager publicity. That, of course, was the purpose of the tape in the first place.

So that’s how we got a Bin Laden tape. But those who produce these audio and video wonders still don’t realize that with reversed speech we can walk right into their compound, slip silently into their studio, and learn what the actor is hearing, seeing and thinking at that time and location. In this case, he was hearing, seeing, and thinking about Prime Minister Singh’s atomic bomb.

Reversed Speech

The Bin Laden / Underwear Bomber tape is only one minute long. In that minute we found thirty-five unvoiced thoughts (speech reversals) that bounce around from one subject to another before settling on THE BOMB. On the right is a screenshot from my Sound Forge software with a listing that represents those first thirty seconds or so. As I mark different segments with the text of what I am hearing, that text shows up on this list.

Many reversals show up with no other reference, so I record them in case they appear somewhere else. Sometimes, though, you can still build up a picture which may not be totally correct, but will do as a working theory. As an example, I might suspect that this man is working in a compound in Iraq, attached to a communications unit. His language skills or his intelligence training may have him coordinating an “Iran Network” which might be a radio net of agents undercover in Iran. I don’t know what sort of organization L.E.F. is, but I wrote it down in case I run across it again. The next time our guy makes a Bin Laden tape I may learn more.

Following this period of seemingly random thoughts we find the reversals shown below.

The bomb left the compound on January 23 or 24 (depending on when the tape was made) and was traveling by road. Since it will not be delivered by missile, it must be hidden somewhere and detonated at the right time by remote control. He’s glad to see it go! By observing how the bomb is traveling, he suspects that the target is PROBABLY LOCAL.

MANHATTAN is an obvious memory association with the Manhattan Project, which developed the first atomic bombs. Linking with THE FLASH makes it clear that we are dealing with a nuke.

We can certainly conclude that the bomb is in place now, and ready to go.

When the GAMBIT false-flag attack plan was reformulated for Israel instead of Texas, it had a second objective beyond triggering the invasion of Iran. All versions have included two or more nukes going off in Iraq. We learned this from General David Petraeus in late 2007. The public will be told that these were Iranian missiles shot at U.S. bases in Iraq, but the missile guidance systems weren’t very good. The nukes will actually be detonated in areas where Iraqi resistance elements still threaten to block access to oil reserves. The unfortunate town of Falluja, sitting on top of an oil field, was a target at one time, and may still be one. U.S. bases will not be that far away, though, so we can expect some U.S. casualties.

We don’t know if one of the Russian nuclear artillery shells the SEALs obtained for this purpose has failed a test, or there is simply an additional Iraqi target that Houston would like neutralized. However, this clarifies somewhat the motivation of India’s PM Manmohan Singh who provided the new bomb. Apparently he didn’t care where the bomb would be used, as long as it would be part of the plot to destroy militant Islam.

The most interesting part of this reversal set is THEY’LL HAVE NEW MOON. The New Moon is the time of maximum darkness at night, and U.S. forces rely heavily on darkness to take advantage of their stealth and night vision capabilities. When the nuke left the compound to be deployed the New Moon was long past, having occurred on January 15. In fact, the Full Moon was only a week away. So I believe this man is telling us that GAMBIT will be scheduled so the Iran invasion can begin on or near the next New Moon, which comes on Saturday, February 13th.

We have one more set of reversals that followed what you heard above. They simply reinforce what we already know:

From whatever briefings this man has been given, he clearly understands that the plans are set and won’t be changing. Unless something goes completely wrong, Armageddon could be only a few days away.

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