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Having just interviewed Jeff Gates on "The Real Deal", I think these reviews of his book are relevant to our research. Check out the interview, too, when you have a chance, at http://radiofetzer.blogspot.com. ; It was posted on 24 August 2010.


Four days after the destruction of the World Trade Towers, then Deputy Secretary of Defense Paul Wolfowitz was urging President George W. Bush
to invade Iraq. Not only was there was no evidence that Iraq had
weapons of mass destruction, but there was no real connection between
Saddam s secular regime and the deeply religious al-Qaeda. At the same
time, other Zionists from the U.S. Defense Department under Wolfowitz
and, not so coincidentally, Feith were feeding false intelligence to the
White House. The war would not be costly, according to Wolfowitz, and
the entirely unnecessary and illegal war was launched. In his chapter
on John McCain and the Financial Frauds, Gates reviews McCain s unsavory
role in the Keating Five scandal. The following chapter recounts the
shameful role of McCain s father in helping to cover up Israel s
deliberate attack on the USS Liberty during the 1967 Six-Day War in
which 34 of the crew were killed and 294 wounded. From a game theory
perspective, Gates explains, by covering up the murder of Americans
aboard the USS Liberty, a U.S. president (with the aid of Admiral John
McCain, Jr.) confirmed that Israeli extremists could murder Americans
without endangering U.S. support. In the chapter on The Presidency
and Russian Organized Crime, Gates describes a John McCain who was
either ignorant about or complicit in Russian organized crime. During
Boris Yeltsin s first term as president of Russia, a handful of
oligarchs financially pillaged Russia. Six of the Big Seven oligarchs,
whom Gates terms Ashkenazis, qualify for Israeli citizenship. McCain
described Mikhail Khodorkovsky, the most infamous of Russia s corrupt
oil oligarchs, as a political prisoner. Notes Gates: To claim
Khodorkovsky as a political prisoner requires a closer look at how, at
32 years of age, a single Russian-Ashkenazi citizen amassed state-owned
assets worth more than $30 billion. Gates goes on to document the
widespread criminality involved in Khodorkovsky s billions. To solve
this systemic criminality, Gates explains, requires that a broad base of
Americans understand how this fields-within-fields modus operandi
operates unseen yet in plain sight, and how its operations progress
working through people whose profiled needs become the means for
influencing their behavior. Guilt describes how Americans were
induced to freely choose the very forces that endanger their freedom.
Thus the role of those masterful at waging war by deception (the motto
of the Israeli Mossad) by displacing facts with what the mark (i.e., the
U.S.) could be deceived to believe: for example, that Iraq had nuclear
weapons and mobile biological weapons laboratories and that the secular
Saddam Hussein had ties with the fundamentalists of al-Qaeda. Crafted
as a wake-up call, the author documents how Tel Aviv wields control over
U.S. foreign policy in an environment where lawmakers have been
intimidated by the Israel lobby. U.S. national security, Gates writes,
requires a rejection of the self-deception that Israel operates as a
trustworthy ally in an unstable region while ignoring its multi-decade
role in provoking and sustaining instability. As Gates points out,
the charge of anti-Semitism is used to misdirect and intimidate. As the
criminality he documents becomes transparent, moderate Jews in fact are
emerging as allies. The Zionist component which Gates convincingly
portrays as ideology in the service of criminality has as its goal an
extensive, Jews-only realm in an oil-rich region. --Andrew I. Killgore
(WRMEA Review Continued)

Guilt By Association is an initially confusing masterpiece almost too stuffed with evidence to concentrate on
making clear its basic theme. But author Jeff Gates did so in a recent
letter to a distinguished retired American diplomat: The research
pivoted off the firsthand experience of John Doe whose experience spans
56 years of dealing with a transnational criminal syndicate whose senior
operatives share a common ideology in fundamental Judaism and a skill
set experienced in displacing facts with beliefs. Thus the common source
of the fixed intelligence that took us to war in Iraq. And, thus the
same network now being employed to expand this war to Iran. From 1980
to 1987 Gates served as counsel to the Senate Finance Committee, working
with Sen. Russell Long of Louisiana, son of the state s former Gov.
Huey Long, who was assassinated at age 42 as he was preparing a
presidential campaign. James Farley, postmaster general under President
Franklin Roosevelt, had run a penny postcard poll confirming that if
Huey Long actually ran for president, Roosevelt could not be re-elected.
Fifty years later Russell Long remained convinced that Roosevelt s
people had killed his father. At a 2002 speech Gates gave in London,
he met John Doe, related to one of the well-known people who had
endorsed two of Gates earlier books. Soon afterward, Doe assured him
that if Gates undertook the research and analysis the results of which
appear in Guilt, the evidence would identify who killed Huey Long, and
why. The facts Gates assembled point not to Roosevelt s people but to
the syndicate identified in Guilt. The future multi-volume Criminal
State series will chronicle the operations of an international criminal
syndicate as experienced by John Doe since his birth in 1952. Gates and
Doe have worked together in Arizona for the past three years documenting
the deeply criminal activities of the syndicate whose schemes encompass
geopolitical goals achieved through corruption and ruthlessness.
Because control of the Oval Office is the syndicate s goal, the
immediate purpose of Guilt is to alert the public to the perils of John
McCain emerging as president and commander-in-chief. McCain s election
would embolden those skilled at displacing facts with deceit, Gates
documents with convincing detail. The brilliantly provocative Guilt by
Association consists of nine chapters: Game Theory and the Mass Murder
of 9/11 ; Organized Crime in Arizona ; John McCain and Financial Frauds ;
McCain Family Secret: The Cover-Up ; The Presidency and Russian
Organized Crime ; Money, Democracy and the Great Divide ; The New
Anti-Semitism ; Would Obama Be Better? ; and The Way Forward. In the
first chapter Gates illustrates the intergenerational sophistication
with which neoconservatives prepared the minds of the American public to
invade Iraq in response to 9/11. Academics and think tanks pushed
Samuel Huntington s 1996 Clash of Civilizations to promote a clash
consensus five years before 9/11. That same year Richard Perle along
with other neocons such as Douglas Feith wrote A Clean Break: A New
Strategy for Securing the Realm for incoming Israeli Prime Minister
Binyamin Netanyahu. This helped lay more mental threads for removing
Saddam Hussain. Then Senators McCain, Joe Lieberman, a Jewish Zionist
from Connecticut, and Jon Kyl, a Christian Zionist from Arizona,
co-sponsored the Iraq Liberation Act of 1998. Distracted by the Monica
Lewinsky affair, President Bill Clinton signed it. --Andrew I. Killgore,
co-founder of WRMEA and former U.S. Ambassador to Qatar

The facts confirm that Tel Aviv will never agree to peace with the
Palestinians, as that would preclude their expansionist agenda for a
Greater Israel. An oft-employed entropy strategy remains Israel s means
to preclude settlement of the conflict. Indeed, Huntington s Clash of
Civilizations is revealed as only the latest in a long series of
manipulations each of which is designed to ensure a plausible evildoer.
Meanwhile, fundamentalist Jews catalyze serial conflicts of opposites,
while this transnational criminal syndicate profits off the misery of
both. --Andrew I. Killgore (WRMEA Review Continued)

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