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John Lear on the underlying reasons for the "War on Terror" and other atrocities

John Lear on the underlying reasons for the "War on Terror" and other atrocities

Date: Thu, 9 Sep 2010 05:33:30 -0700 [07:33:30 AM CDT]
From: "John Lear" <johnlear@cox.net>

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Yes, I personally found it beyond distasteful having lived in the Middle East for 3 years. Good people.

But remember, like Michael said in the Godfather: ‘It was business. Just business.”

And the business was to fabricate a war.

In the government study “Report from Iron Mountain” (circa 1960) a study group was commissioned to find

the most efficient and long lasting basis for economic growth. They considered space exploration, science, medicine

and a host of other things.

But the final reason and the reason that the commission recommended was war. Pure and simple. So first they picked on Viet Nam

(I was a supporter myself having flown over 500 missions for the CIA in Laos for which I have Congressional Commendation). Then they picked on a host of smaller countries, Grenada, Panama, etc. (but not Russia. We have been allies with Russia since the end of WW2).

But after Panama and the much touted F-117A we needed something longer lasting, bigger. So what better than the Arab//Muslim World?

That would be a never ending enemy. Not many Americans knew anything about Arabs, Muslims or the Middle East anyway. The reason

we picked Afghanistan first was to get control of the Hindu Kush for its hundreds of thousands of prime soil, temperature and altitude for poppy growing. (In 2007, the New York Times said Afghanistan supplied 95% of the worlds opium.)

We knew the enemy because we had created them to fight the Russians. And the icing on the cake was the control, growing, harvesting, distribution and profit, tax and Congressional oversight free. Trillions of dollars for black projects we didn’t have to go hat in hand and on bended knee to Congress for money.

Of course we had thousands of Israelis to organize the ‘enemy’ in this ‘pretend war’ the purpose of was solely for the control of the opium in the Hindu Kush.

Gulf War 1 was authorized by our government through Kuwaiti Ambassador April Glaspie who assured Saddam Hussein that we would not mind if he attacked Kuwait and then Saudi Arabia. It was a set up and double cross the whole way. That was a just a ‘new weapons’ check for GW2.

But it was business. Just business. And war is good business.

John Lear

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