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Video: Dr Judy Wood: Where did the towers go?

I disagree with Dr Judy Wood. I believe we ought not to waste time debating other 911 truthers. What we need to do is to unite with each other to demand regime change. I think we are well beyond the point of asking for a criminal investigation and indictments.

I posted this because Dr Wood is a well qualifies scientist who is asking fundamental questions i have not heard anyone else ask. We need to learn to adapt to re-think what happened on 911. I personally believe nanothermite was used because it was found at the site.

I also have written that I believe unknown above top secret military explosives were used. We will never know the final truth of 911 until we have a new regime, hold trials and obtain confessions.

Until that time I suggest we listen to Dr Judy Wood question 911.

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Comment by Thoth II on November 24, 2011 at 7:45am

what is sad is that everybody thinks they know the route to truth, but only scientific method , in its four phases, is the way to truth.  If people just would take time to learn this, then they'd understand what 911 truth or any type of truth is.  That is what is frustrating, all these researchers, and probably only 1 knows this.  


For example, I am totally disatstified with the state of JFK research, and this is 50 years on.  The real scientists like Mantik already have the details pegged down, there is very little more to say .  Yet people who are so wildly off the truth like Max Holland, Vince Bugliosi, and now all these famous authors like Stephen King who've they've contracted to do big 50 anniversary lie books, are saying dumb things.  Even the guys I totally respect like Robert Groden, even he doesn't have most of it right, simply because he doesn't understand science.  Why oh why?  

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