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Letter from John McCarthy to Steven Jones about the destruction of the Twin Towers . . .

Date: Sun, 22 Aug 2010 14:00:17 -0700 [04:00:17 PM CDT]
From: "John McCarthy" <vpocvs@gmail.com>
To: stj911@gmail.com
Subject: WTC

Hello Dr. Jones,

I am forwarding information on 911 for your review and comments, if you choose.

I write to ask your professional opinion on the matters put forth below. I have never
talked with you and don't know what your past response has been to the Tritium-
Deuterium observations.

In working with demolitions for seven years, conventional and nuclear, what I
conclude from the almost hidden destructive force seen on film and the photos of
cutter charges tells me that these are diversionary tactics, not at all
necessary to bring down the building nor pulverize steel and concrete in the
dimensions and amounts listed by the engineers who built the WTC.

Additionally, there is no demolition, save nuclear, that can hurl a 105 ton
configuration of steel, in an arc over 350 feet, and impale the steel in the
Deutsche Bank Building across the street from the WTC.

4th Generation Nuclear advances, with quantum mechanics and, now,
nanotechnology, provides the user with a powerful nuclear device that
fits into a matchbox sized container, for ease of placement, like the
Special Atomic Demolitions Munitions of the 1950's that I was trained on
in Europe, Ft. Bragg and Okinawa. There was a repository for these
devices in Long Binh, Vietnam where Dan Rather from CBS News nearly got
himself killed for attempting to look into one of the undamaged bunkers
from the Tet Offensive on 1-30-68. As you know, the current technology
far surpasses what was available in the fifties and sixties.

Items missing from the rubble of WTC One and Two are quite telling. There
were no Titanium Steel engines nor wheel assemblies located in the rubble of
either building. Titanium Steel has a melting point of 3200 degrees
F. It is common knowledge that jet fuel burns at 1100 degrees F.
The wreckage of the Continental Flight which crashed and burned in Buffalo,
New York in the recent past proves that Titanium Steel Engines and wheel assemblies
have withstood jet fuel burn ratios for 12 hours.

Same goes for the rubble in the Pentagon re the alleged 757 impact.
Beyond that issue is the fact that aluminum constructed aircraft have a zero
probability of being able to pass through the resistance of three steel reinforced
wings of the Pentagon, the most heavily fortified building in the world and
recently reinforced at the point of impact (where a huge "shape
charge" could have been implanted.

The conception that the US Navy was tasked to investigate the missing
of dollars announced by Rumsfeld on 9 10 01 just happened to be where
"explosion" occurred, is not only calculatingly cold but a circumstance
that cannot be ignored. The damage to the three wings of the Pentagon,
each with 14 foot circular damage, cannot be accomplished with an
aluminum framed fuselage of an airplane.

Murder convictions have been rendered on the basis of circumstantial
evidence by courts around the world. Mass murder convictions await the
perpetrators of 911.

John McCarthy

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