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Press release: the most comprehensive Italian book about 9/11 has now been released in an English edition

A new book about the myth of September 11 has been just published in English.
It’s The Myth of September 11 – The Satanic Verses of Western Democracy, by Italian author Roberto Quaglia. Originally written in Italian, this 600+ page book is now finally published in English in a revised and updated version, available on Amazon both as a paperback and as an ebook.

'Once Upon A Time' Italian film director Sergio Leone decided to re-write the American myth “par excellence”, the Myth of the Wild West, and western movies were never the same again. Today Italian author Roberto Quaglia has challenged in his very own way the modern American myth of September 11. Will conspiracy theories ever be the same again?

The official website of the book with additional data is:


This is a book about the Myth of September 11. About the facts and the motives behind this myth, the smokescreens of the war of perception and the psychology and insanity connected with this. To expose this myth completely is a modern blasphemy, an unbearable heresy; it’s the Satanic Verses of Western Democracy.

This is a taboo argument that cannot be freely discussed on TV, in the press or in Parliaments. As more and more people stop believing in the dogmatic Official Version of the events of September 11, 2001, an increasingly sophisticated manipulation of social attitudes is necessary to keep Western institutions from crumbling under the weight of their own contradictions.

By now there are plenty of books telling an alternative story of the events of September 11. These books are banned in schools and universities and popular bookshop chains and nevertheless acquire more and more readers. That’s because such books disregard the myth and do the best they can to tell the truth about the events of that day. And there are also many independent films which do the same and which have been viewed tens of millions of times on Youtube, but are still banned from TV. However, most of these book and films don’t manage to go beyond the facts of that day. Generally they are good works of journalism, but as such they stay anchored to the bare facts, and often fail to envision the Big Picture.

The Myth of September 11 – The Satanic Verses of Western Democracy is much more than a book of investigative journalism. It’s a vision of a Zeitgeist, of the mad spirit of our times. A formidable manual to understand the refined techniques of myth-building and myth-reinforcing, of mass psychology manipulation and psychological warfare which have been applied to fool us all until now.

You’ll discover how it is possible to vaccinate a people against a truth by giving it little noninfective doses of truth. How to encourage doublethinking in ways not even envisioned by Orwell. How in the dawn of the third millennium, after thousands of years of development of human culture and science, the world could fall back into the dark ages of myth and superstition. How the entire world could already have been engulfed for years in a huge and grotesque bubble of delusion and irreality. How faithful TV watchers, their minds confused by too many years of Hollywood movies with too many special effects, have been led to believe in the reality of the September 11 Myth and in the existence of a mythical villain, the evil Osama bin Laden, the one and only Santa Claus of Evil.

In this book, Roberto Quaglia skilfully assembles all the pieces of the puzzle. But he does not limit himself to that. Calling upon his imaginative resources, the author deploys factual and fictional evidence, seriousness and satire, irony and sarcasm. Quaglia’s stringent logic completely demolishes the official version of the September 11 events, while through narrative ability and a taste for paradox he manages to hook the reader and keep him on the edge of his seat from the beginning to the end of the book.

This book is the ultimate wake-up call.

It is available in English, Italian and Romanian.


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