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How can the truth hurt a ‘truth movement’? This fundamental question is being asked by a recently launched website called Rediscover911.com. Specifically, these disaffected researchers are asking why – after eight long years – isn’t Israel’s central role in planning, coordinating, and executing the 9-11 terrorist attacks being placed at the forefront of new investigations, especially in light of such overwhelming evidence.

The site’s founder, a Kansas City dentist named Dr. Ed Kendrick, writes on his website, “9-11 was a murderous Israeli false flag operation with Jewish and gentile American helpers (sayanim). It was intended to fool Americans into becoming enraged at Muslims and into fighting Israel’s enemies for her, all the while picking up the tab for these wars and giving Israel billions outright.”

In a December 29 interview, Kendrick told me why such an elaborate protection racket has been erected by the Zionists and their controlled-opposition network. “There exists a Luciferian presence in the world, and 9-11 was a lie of biblical proportions. The nuclear power Israel is so psychopathic that they’ll unleash great harm if exposed about 9-11.” He continued, “I can’t envision freedom for mankind will resurface for hundreds of years if we don’t identify this criminal cabal and take them to a place where they’ll never again inflict such damage.”

Regrettably, Kendrick asserts that the neo-con/Israel-first connection which implemented these terrorist strikes had willing allies in place before September 11, 2001. “From its very inception, the so-called 9-11 truth movement, otherwise known as the people who say that George Bush and his cronies did 9-11, has been ultimately led and controlled by the same people that perpetrated the dastardly attacks.”

Who precisely are these individuals? Echoing a phrase popularized by Michael Collins Piper, those who refuse to acknowledge Israel’s role are known as Judas Goats. Kendrick writes, “Judas Goats are prominent figures whose job it is to broadcast untruths so that people will not know they are in trouble. They are trained goats used in stockyards to lead sheep and cattle to their slaughter.”

Of course, we need to ask yet again: why would people consciously choose to act as scripted gatekeepers, thereby letting the real killers flee justice? Worse, why are they so willing to point a finger of blame at their own country (i.e. the limited hangout of ‘9-11 was an inside job’ led by Bush & Company), yet utterly refuse to name participants from a foreign power (the Mossad and Israeli government)? We already know how, when, where, and why 9-11 occurred. Shouldn’t every 9-11 truther finally decide to say who did it instead of continuing to ignore Israel’s role?

Los Angeles activist and Rediscover911.com contributor Zan Overall has spent the past few weeks passing out fliers, such as in front of the Israeli Consulate on Wilshire Boulevard. He calls 9-11 an “inside/outside job.” During a December 29 interview with this author, he surmised, “The 9-11 truth movement knows about Israel’s involvement. But mentioning anything about the Jewish people is a hot-button issue. It’s a big taboo because the Israeli lobby is hugely powerful and you can’t offend them.”

However, the stakes are even higher. If the American public ever discovered Israel’s role as 9-11 masterminds, outrage would erupt. Subsequently, the blowback would be disastrous to our supposed ‘ally’ who’d immediately lose billions in foreign aid. Secondly, after realizing the depth of their deception and how we’d been duped into eight years of war against Afghanistan and Iraq, the ‘myth’ of Osama bin Laden would also become crystal clear.

At this stage, Israel’s very existence and survival would be seriously jeopardized. When coupled with information regarding their murderous actions against the USS Liberty, many patriotic-minded Americans would rightfully call for the U.S. to attack Israel. Or, if we withdrew all support for them in the Middle East, they’d become open game for the entire Arab world. Terrified of being exposed for their bloodthirsty treachery, its obvious Israel has done everything humanly possible to conceal their savage actions. Thus, vast protection rackets have been established not only in the mainstream media, but also in ‘alternative media’ venues such as radio, books, websites, and activist circles.

As it stands now at this critical juncture in time (with Israel’s next enemy – Iran – in the crosshairs), two primary gauges exist to determine whether a news source is legitimate. First, do they acknowledge that the official 9-11 story forwarded by neo-cons and Israel-firsters is an unabashed lie? More importantly, are they willing to place Israel’s central role in the 9-11 attacks at the forefront? If these sources refuse to take such absolutely necessary steps, truth-seekers need to ask an obvious question: why are they so willing to protect a cabal of criminals that murdered 3,000 innocent American citizens, not to mention our servicemen stationed abroad who continue doing Israel’s dirty work for them?

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