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Pilots responds to Michael Morrissey on Flight 77 and Flight 93 . . .

Date: Tue, 7 Jul 2009 13:22:36 -0700 [03:22:36 PM CDT]
From: "Pilots For Truth"
To: "Rolf Lindgren" , "Michael Morrissey"
Reply-To: pilotsfortruth@yahoo.com

Subject: N644AA - N591UA

Steven Jones is a Core member of Pilots For 9/11 Truth and supports our work.

Victoria Ashley attacks us any chance she gets from what i understand (i hear it through the grapevine... take it for what its worth).

Jim Hoffman has his beliefs satisfied that Flight 77 hit the pentagon from what i understand, based on outdated information. Everyone is entitled to their opinion i suppose. Im not sure if he has addressed the FDR data yet.

Never heard of the other guy...

The follwoing people are still waiting for actual evidence that Flight 77 hit the pentagon inclusive of part/serial numbers matched to maintenance logs.


The list grows.

So far, all the evidence (witnesses, flight data.. photographed parts.. etc) does not support the story of N644AA impact with the pentagon nor creation of the physical damage path. DNA Chain Of Custody is also in question.

Same goes for UA93.

Some people (Ashley, Hoffman.. .etc) have their concerns satisfied with limited "evidence", mostly provided by the suspect (govt), others who are actual experts in such a field of Aircraft Accident Investigation and are able to read, interpret data... etc, want real answers.

Due to the mountain of Conflicting evidence (which continues to grow), we are not convinced N644AA caused the physical damage at the pentagon, nor are we convinced N591UA caused the damage in the field in Shanksville.


I have removed the email addys of those who i have blocked. I didnt realize this list is the same group email that was being circulated regarding NPT as it has a different Subject line.

I have also amended the subject line to reflect the proper topic.

Rob Balsamo

--- On Tue, 7/7/09, Michael Morrissey wrote:

From: Michael Morrissey
Subject: Re: Galileo discovered planet Neptune?
To: "Rolf Lindgren"

Date: Tuesday, July 7, 2009, 2:31 PM

I have been trying (sort of) to follow all of us this, but cannot work up the requisite energy and concentration because I fear that at any moment one or the other critical party will either disappear or post the usual "Remove me from this list" cop out.

Despite my differences with Jim (not of any relevance here, I don't think), I applaud his tenacity and still respect him greatly. Nor do I have any reason to disrespect any of the other participants, so I keep reading these postings (that Jim is kindly copying to me) in the hope that it will prove productive. I have not made any progress so far. I am still at the point where Ace's composite of the ghost plane video (please excuse the shorthand, I know it raises questions) impresses me, to wit: it shows that these videos COULD have been fakes; whether or not they WERE is still a question.

In this emotion-packed atmosphere, may I ask what might be considered a "neutral" question? How many of you agree with Jim Hoffman, Victoria Ashley, Mark Rabinovitz (oilempire.us) and whomever among the Steven Jones group, that the govt story about Flight 77 and Flight 93 is true? (Michael Green, for example, considers David Griffin an excellent researcher except for his "tragic" embrace of the "no plane hit the Pentagon" stance.)

I think this is a good exchange, I hope it will continue, and I thank everyone for contributing and giving me the chance to learn something. I still hope to.

Michael Morrissey

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Comment by Thoth II on July 7, 2009 at 4:41pm
One more thing occured to me about flt. 77 that makes me very suspicious about it , even apart from the physical evidence: Barbara Olsson. I heard Mike Sparks talk about her and I now think she was never on that flight , but was a part of the whole scam. She's probably alive and well somewhere.
Comment by Thoth II on July 7, 2009 at 4:31pm
quoting Michael: "videos COULD have been fakes; whether or not they WERE is still a question."

I don't at all agree that this is still in question. The videos show physically impossible features (if he's talking about south tower) and so they are either fake or show a holographic projection.

I can hardly believe that this group is being asked if they actually believe the govt. story about flt. 77 and 93 are true?

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