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Planes without Passengers Asks the Right Questions about 9/11

I keep learning.


I wrote Dead Men Talking: Consequences of Government Lies and published it in August 2009. Most of the book covered the events of 9/11 and I wrote what I thought to be true at the time of its publication.


But I have changed my mind about some things since then.  During most of 2010, I decided to research one facet of the story, the planes and passengers, and worked on determining what happened to them.  I gained feedback from my postings of essays on the Internet and finally put together my thoughts on these issues in my newbook, Planes without Passengers: the Faked Hijackings of 9/11.


In Dead Men Talking, I stipulated to the idea that hijackers had taken over all four of the alleged planes and added my idea that the conspirators had “hijacked” the planes from the ground and steered them into the World TradeCenter and Pentagon.


The new book delves deeper and goes over the official scheduling and take-off records for airplanes, the Bureau of Transportation Statistics.  I reveal that only two of the planes, United175 and United 93 were scheduled to take off on September 11, 2001.  I began to wonder how “hijackers” and passengers could find out about unscheduled flights!


Planes without Passengers provides pieces of the puzzle of 9/11 that better fit the facts about the planes and passengers.  It asserts that there were no hijackings orhijackers and challenges the reader’s assumptions of this tragedy.


This is one book destined to provide answers because it asks the right questions.


For example, we maystill argue about what hit the Pentagon, but now we can ask whether Flight 77 even took off and if so, who boarded it. Then we can ask where anyone got the idea that passengers boarded.  The official story has many cracks in it, but the way to defeat it is through a new series of questions and answers that leads to a new narration of this event.


Those of us who want the truth must be prepared to face the facts, discard theories that no longerwork and acknowledge new points of view. Read, question and challenge Planes without Passengers to create a more accurate version of events before theofficial lies become our history.


Planes without Passengers: the Faked Hijackings of 9/11 will be available on Amazon and other online retailers by January 13th.  Please go to http://deanhartwell.weebly.com before then because the book could be available sooner!

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Comment by sandy rose on January 15, 2011 at 6:51am

yes it is, and the sooner the rest of the world figures that out

the better.  and of course that's exactly what the criminals were

counting on, that the truth is so far-fetched that most would never

believe it.  good thing there's the rest of us, right?

     hey, your p&p book should be required reading for all of cawngriss!

Comment by Dean on January 14, 2011 at 10:47am
Thank you, Sandy!  The truth is stranger than fiction!
Comment by sandy rose on January 14, 2011 at 8:41am

thanks, Dean,

     i believe you are one of our best assets in the big quest for

9/11 lies to be exposed, and i so admire your willingness to look

outside the box and keep digging for the facts, even when the

new information might sound whacko.  that ability in you is what

is sorely lacking in many a 9/11 truther, who might otherwise be

an important researcher.  many just don't have what it takes to

'go there'.  and i think the planes hoax is the key to it all.  the

plane lies PROVE outright that 9/11 was an inside hideous job.

and that the criminals in top media were guilty as guilty gets.

proving their guilt would be almost as good as proving inside job.

i hope some in our gummint take the time to read your new

book, even if just to realize that we are on to their cover upping.

     also quite brave of you to publish such stuff in the face of such

hideous horrid criminals.  i hope it makes them squirm a lot.   i've

read some of your work on planes and passengers here, but i look

forward to adding your new book to my small 9/11 collection.

     good to hear from you, keep up the great work, and thanks, man!

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