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Planes without Passengers II: the Cleveland Agents Complete the Crime

I have made available for free my latest findings on the alleged planes and passengers of 9/11. Go to this link:

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Comment by Dean on May 20, 2012 at 8:58pm
Thank you, Jeannon! Gradually all false/inaccurate theories about the alleged planes and passengers will fade away and the truth will appear to those who care.
Comment by Jeannon Kralj on May 20, 2012 at 7:38pm

Dean,  I just read your scribd article and posted the following comment (characters limited)



Dean, thank you for making this excellent summary available to us. 

i like hypothesis # 5 where all the "passengers" are agents.

Still do not think we have any good guesses as to what happened to Barbara Olsen.   I judge her estranged husband at the time, Ted Olson, to be a person of exceptionally low character.  I guess that explains his rise to a top position in the State Department."



I am not sure any researcher has ever seen a true autheniticated passenger manifest.  I have some from CNN but they were never even claimed to be the official manifest.


Somehow I think the plan involved little or no coercion of people to cooperate with the plan, to play roles, and to keep quiet.   In other words, I think there were few or no real people (real passengers, real relatives).


I think there were two other people besides Barbara Olsen who were somewhat well known in their lives prior to 9-11.  I will have to look up their names.  So their disappearance is something we must take into account as well.


Thank you for not giving up.


I hope that somehow, some way, there will be a breakthrough that will clear much or all of this up.



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