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Pomona Police vs. U.S. Marine Vet 9/11 Truther

Pomona Police vs U.S. Marine Vet 9/11 Truther, ... Friday June 26th 2009 9AM


Mohammed Abdullah had a court hearing on 6-12-09 to respond to allegations levied by the Pomona City Attorney in their attempt to file a restraining order on behalf of the Pomona Police dept. The complaint claims that some employees of the Police Dept. and city became afraid of Abdullah, who had been standing outside the department with signs and dvds contending that 9/11 was an "inside job", as well as protesting the rape and tortue of Iraqi Muslims by U.S. soldiers. The city had failed to provide copies of the complaints despite numerous requests, so on 6-12-09 Abdullah had asked for a continuance. During the hearing the judge stated that "there are constitutional issues here", referring to Abdullah's right to free speech, and encouraged the city attorney and Abdullah to come to some sort of compromise.

No agreement has been reached, so Abdullah is fighting these charges as originally planned. The original restraining order demanded that Abdullah surrender any firearms he owns. Abdullah, who works as a security officer, says that relinquishing his right to bear arms as a result of his political activism is not only unfair and completely unjustified, but will impede his ability to work as an armed guard and possibly prevent him from finding employment. He continues to maintain, as he always has, that he never did anything wrong, and that he never "stalked' "followed" or "harassed" anyone. Abdullah says that although his speech and presentation may be passionate and theatrical, it is his God given right to do so, and he considers it his moral obligation to expose the government lies and corruption. He will fight these charges to the end and deserves your support. Court is Friday 6-26-09 at 9AM.

Mohammed Abdullah's Court Date is This Friday June 26th at 9AM.
Pomona Superior Court
400 Civic Center Plaza
Pomona, CA 91766

"Third Floor - Department G (Check the Docket)"

From WACLA.org: 9-11 Truth Activist taken to court. Needs your moral support PART 2!


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