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Portland 9/11: Jim Fetzer, False Flag Terror and The Rise of the Global Police State

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Comment by Thoth II on September 20, 2011 at 4:04pm

I enjoyed this recent video and Prof. Fetzer's articles over at Veterans Today.  


A theme running through this presentation, and in all his work, is application of the scientific method to come up with the best possible explanation for phenemon (short of the perps telling us what they actually did).  This is why groups like A&E, the Jones boys, etc., keep getting stuck in ruts.  What they just don't understand is that their hypotheses must be compared against all the possible hypothesis , in order to see which explains the data set the best.  They do not do this.  They for one, special plead, only including evidence favorable to their hypothesis, when all available evidence must be considered.  They curtail discussion of "forbidden topics", well in scientific method there are no forbidden topics.  They sink to the low point of synchophantism, just repeating what each other says.  

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