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Rahm Emanuel: Obama Chief of Staff is Israeli military intelligence officer (old article/new title)

The role of Rahm Emanuel requires consideration and reconsideration in this administration plus.


This article from voltairenet.org has sometimes
been difficult to access, so we posted the text below.

The U.S Congress Democratic Caucus president would
be Israeli military intelligence officer

The new democratic group (Democratic Caucus) in the U.S Congress House
of Representatives has elected Rahm Emanuel as a new
chairman. Former professional

dancer, Mr Emanuel was Bill Clinton’s presidential
campaign treasurer,

then his political director in the White House.

He was one of the main protagonists of the Free Trade Area of the Americas
Agreement and would have played a role in Wye River
negotiations on the

Middle East. He inspired Josh complex character in the
famous television

series The West Wing. Today, he is Chicago (Illinois)
elected representative.

Of Israeli origin, he obtained the United-Stator nationality at the
age of 18. As a volunteer engaged during Desert Storm
operation ( 1991

), Rahm Emanuel (then 32-years old) has served for
Israel defence against

a possible Iraqi attack.

Accused afterwards of being a Tsahal officer and of being subjected
to a double allegiance, Mr Emanuel pointed out that
he had not served in

the uniform. In fact, according to our information,
he would be a member

of Amal, Tsahal’s military intelligence service.

Rahm Emanuel is Benyamin Auerbach’s son. On September 17, 1948, Mr.
Auerbach took part, under Yitzhak Shamir’s
authority, in the attack that

caused the death of both the Swedish count Folke
Bernadotte (UNO mediator

in Palestine) and the French colonel André Sérot
(a United

Nations military observer).

It is this double assassination which put an end to the binational State
project in Palestine and which transformed the
Israel State nature itself

in comparison with what had been decided by the
UN Organisation.

Rahm Emanuel’s younger brother, Ari Emanuel, is Michael Moore’s agent

in Hollywood. He encouraged this latter to
point out the supposed responsibility

of Saudi Arabia in September 11 attacks in his
famous film Fahrenheit 911,

the showing of which was ensured by the
Democratic Party.

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