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Richard Gage "LIVE!" on Friday, 27 August 2010

This is an enquiry e-mail via http://twilightpines.com/ from:

Basil <basiltmp@yahoo.com>

Dear Sir or Madam,

“The Truth Movement”, an online video chat room, is pleased to announce
that Richard Gage, AIA, the very well known and respected licensed
commercial Architect of 22 years and founder of Architects and Engineers
for 9/11 Truth (www.ae911truth.org) ,will be providing a free worldwide
presentation on key scientific evidence that the conclusions of the
U.S. governments’ investigation into 9/11 was not comprehensive. It is
vital that we unite to expose this cover-up.

We invite all your users & members to click the banner with the free
link behind it, (webmaster) to be brought right into the chat room on
the night of the event. They can also come into the chat room at any
time prior to or after this unique event, by clicking the banner, and
see for themselves what this new medium is all about, and join in the
discussion. For your webmaster we provide a link, to be embedded behind
the banner and placed as prominently on your site as soon as possible.
For a forum based site, the link is enough it is seamless, and it brings
interested parties directly into the room. They then only have to
choose their user name, password and an answer to a security question
for access.

Because the link is already activated – you must inform anyone who may
click it that they can click it now and be immediately brought into the
room or click during the LIVE event on Friday the 27th and hear Richard
Gage live. The room is open 24/7.

Here is the link to place behind the banner or posted in a forum. http://express.paltalk.com/?gid=1127367608&refc=120028


This is the html and banner location. http://www.ustruthmovement.com/Paltalk%20Truth%20Banner/NEWbanner10...

I also urge you to send this to any websites or webmasters you may know.

By placing the banner on your website you are helping us promote the truth and the restoration of our rights.

We also propose for your consideration, that one of your members or
founders could become a future guest speaker in our room to meet with
the people in a relaxed comfortable and conversationally stimulating

Let the people hear the facts and decide how they are going to act.

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me by email. Please email us back with either your approval to do this or your

Thank you for your consideration,
PalTalk “The Truth Movement Room” Administrator

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