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THE "ENVELOPES" and AIR SPEED FOR 767s by John Lear

Date: Wed, 23 Sep 2009 08:24:05 -0700 [10:24:05 AM CDT]
From: "John Lear"
To: "'Michael Morrissey'" , "'Jack & Sue White'"
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Subject: RE: how do real aircraft crash parts look?
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Hello Mike,

The speed issue has been posted on P4T for well over a year in the form of

an affidavit I filed with New York District Court Southern Division in opposition

to the motion to dismiss filed by several companies to Morgan’s Qui Tam Complaint.

I don’t think I ever looked to see what the responses were.

I have attached that affidavit to this post.

The only reason I addressed the parts issue yesterday was to show the impossibility

of 2 Boeing 757’s and 2 Boeing 767’s crashing into the ground or a building without leaving

one single identifiable (by documented parts number) piece of aircraft.

I believe that there were 6 or 7 pieces of wreckage at the sites but these pieces of wreckage

were apparently traced to the American Airlines B-757 Cali, Columbia crash in 1996.

If we had a single part number and we had access to Boeings computer all we would have to

do would be to type in that number and it would give us the serial number and type of aircraft

Into which it was installed. These records are also maintained by the airline that operates that

particular airplane.

One issue I have mentioned but not formally addressed is “the envelope”. When a commercial

airline flight is ready for pushback and the door is ready to be closed, the chief flight attendant

goes into the cockpit and the captain or first officer hands her ‘the envelope’. The envelope contains

the passenger count, the weight and balance computations, the fuel on board, fuel required, flight plan

and the captains signature verifying that he has checked all of these and the airplane is ready for flight.

If for some reason that airplane crashes the first thing the NTSB wants to see is ‘the envelope’

in order to start the investigation. That envelope is retrieved from the airlines station agent or

other responsible party. The very first thing that is checked is how many S.O.B.’s or “Souls

on Board” there where so that family notification can take plane. Sometimes the actual names

of the passengers are in the envelope, sometimes not. It depends on the company’s policy.

But what is absolutely is required is the number, including crew on board.

I have never heard this issue addressed for 911. I have heard that the security cameras at

the security check points show this or that. When in fact all they need to do is get the number

of passengers off of the envelope and compare it with the passenger check in data.

And to my knowledge the ‘envelope’ issue has not been addressed by anybody.

John Lear

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