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     I am going to ask Jim Fetzer to kill my membership to this forum.  I thought that most people here would want to know the truth about who did 9/11 and why it was done.  Unfortunately, that is not the case.


     DNA and perhaps to some degree, skin color, has everything to do with this.  Khazars did this.  They were not sephardic jews that did this to the U.S., but a subset of pseudo jew that lives off of human misery and killing and human suffering.  It's wholly legitimate to decry their DNA and their SKIN COLOR here.  That is not racism. It's reality.


     In any case, I will not be returning to the blog.  I'm done with you.   I will not hang out in a place where the truth is so frightful that people will run from it and hide from it.  The truth about who did 9/11 and more, all the way back to the very earliest colonial days of this nation, is that khazarian fake jews not of judean roots or sephardic ancestry, were the ones who for nearly 300 years, have plunged this world into one world conflagration after another.


     The Catholic Church has been an accomplice to this mass murdering.  It just recently issued a statement calling for ONE WORLD BANK.  Those of you who are catholics, you are all to the last person, ACCOMPLICES TO MASS MURDER!!!!


     That river in Egypt is not necessarily deep nor is it always wide, but a lot of you are standing in it when you state you don't want to know the DNA and the skin color of those who are fomenting these wars.


     Yes, white people who are not khazarian did participate in a lot of this killing.  But it was always fomented by pasty white faced non sephardic, fake jews, or 'khazars' who have been profiteering, just like the VATICAN HAS, off of all of the death and destruction thru recorded history.  It sure as hell wasn't the MORMONS who did this.


in any case, I'm out of here.  I'm leaving the blog.  I wish you all well, but please, get the hell out of DE NILE.  being blindly waterlogged in that is not going to allow you to see who has done this to humanity.  it's not racism, it's REALITY.


best wishes

D. Cimino



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Comment by sandy rose on October 25, 2011 at 8:33am

and ps, i think you may have mistaken us for somebodies else.  we

may not know everything, but i somehow think we are not what you

may think we are.   and that there are some very good folks here who

are certainly not the enemy.  i sort of resent that you take stuff out

on us, and that you are mistaken as to our thoughts and knowledges,

and that we are more like you than you may care to admit.

     or, that maybe you weren't one of us to begin with.  who nose.

but lashing out at this group is not the answer.  we haint the emeny.

      not everyone is at fault in all of this horror.   we ain't the criminals

here.  i kinda resent that you think we are.   see ya!

     and pee ess, the israelites may have been involved in 9/11, but they

never coulda carried it out without the input of our own homegrown swine.

i will never ever in a billion years let our own pigs off the hook.    and

frankly, i wonder why anyone would.




Comment by Danny White on October 24, 2011 at 11:56pm

Dennis: I hope you'll change your mind about leaving  .....  I for one believe you are probably right on the Khazarian

connection.   I posted this 12 part video  back in April, and it's on page 11 of the videos:  ....  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Haj-CJOERTs&feature=player_embedded  ....  You are very knowledgeable on 9/11 truth and physics, and we can use all the help we can get.  The Khazarian tribe was known for their warlike disposition, and inability to get along with their neighbors .... for any reason.   The whole idea of one group of people being somehow superior to the rest has always pissed me off.  The notion that they were chosen is a bunch of bullshit that most brainwashed sheep can't seem to shake off because of their upbringing.  As to skin color and all, I don't have any idea or much care.  We're all pink on the inside, so I've heard.  Best of luck either way.   Danny

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