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"The Growing Absurdity and Desperation of Conspiracy Theory Debunkers" by Bill Lindner

The Growing Absurdity and Desperation
of Conspiracy Theory Debunkers

Bill Lindner
September 07, 2009

As more of the truth about the U.S. Government's complicity, if not involvement, in the attacks of September 11, 2001 comes to light, and more "Scientists" and "Psychologists" attempt to add their "expertise" to debunking the obvious truth, the pathetic attempts at keeping the corruption and the truth hidden have become more rampant -- despite the fact that the Government's 9/11 fairy tale has almost completely unraveled -- and the majority of Americans still have questions that need to be answered.

One thing you have to give the Bush administration credit for is revealing just how much of a sham using 'experts' really is. The Bush administration ruined the realm of Science, and showed us just how revolting and misguiding using 'experts' really is. The more 'experts' tried to explain away the truth, the more revealing the stupidity becomes. Most of the politically corrupt 'experts' used to debunk 9/11 conspiracy theories have proven repeatedly that they are nothing but liars who have been paid well for losing their reputations and credibility while aiding and abetting egregious crimes committed by corrupt politicians.

In their feable attempts at hiding the obvious, these 'Scientists' and 'Psychologists' never mention the obvious explanations for the truth of what happened after and because of the attacks from that fateful day. George Bush's appointed criminal cabal used those attacks to destroy Democracy and freedom. Crimes of that magnitude are impossible to carry out unless you have the involvement of a lot of people -- such as the Israeli government and the U.S. government. As I've said before, when you connect the 9/11 dots, it becomes apparent that the Israeli government, aided by the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and the U.S. government, was involved. As I've also noted before, many members of the Bush administration had dual Isreali-American citizenship.

An hour after the first plane hit the North Tower on 9/11, corporate media began feeding us the lie that Osama bin Laden and al Qaeda was responsible for the attacks. They never verified it and encouraged us to accept it as the truth. As we've learned, it was all a lie. The illegal invasion and occupation of Iraq, the fraudulent 'War on Terror,' the fraudulently created economic depression caused by Wall Street and their cohorts in government, the illegal torture, illegal spying and wiretapping that continues to this day, the egregious, illegal legislation that has taken away rights, freedoms and liberties and more all became easy to put in place because the Bush cabal allowed those attacks to occur to further the criminal pursuit of their agenda. Another problem with the Government's 9/11 Fairy Tale is that fact that at least 5 of the alleged 19 hijackers have beenfound alive and well. The press never mentions that either.

The Bush administration spent eight years lying to America and the rest of the world. Those lies continue to this day under President Obama. It's critical that America and the rest of the world learn the truth of what happened that day -- as well as who the real perpetrators and enablers were.

In addition to all the ignorance being passed off as expertise, the 'debunkers' also forget the fact that even members of the "9/11 Commission" responsible for writing the Bush cabal's fairy tale have admitted that the "official" version of the events of that fateful day are almost entirely untrue. A lot of people were involved in those atrocious crimes that were committed that day. Pinning the blame on 'terrorists' that lived in caves was one of the most ignorant conspiracy theories dreamt up by the Bush cabal. When you look at the large group of financial and political elites that have run the U.S. government for the past several decades, it's easy to see why they want to keep their crimes hidden. Keeping crimes of that magnitude hidden is virtually impossible as the truth always has a way of surfacing. Many Governments have been guilty of committingatrocious crimes against their populations for years.

Bush Administration Had a History of Manipulating Science

The National Geographic decided to air a special, allegedly by Scientists, aimed at 'debunking' the latest revelations about the attacks of 9/11 -- nano-thermite, the usual horse crap trying to claim the twin towers weren't imploded and the claim that fire was responsible for destroying the twin towers -- joining such other prestigious publications such as Popular Mechanics that decided to sell out to the government and lose their reputations in the process.

As with the vast majority of other 9/11 'debunking' propaganda used by once reputable entities, the National Geographic propaganda piece is full of flawed logic and poor editing. National Geographic's feable propagandic piece focused on four 'scientific' experiments: heating a steel beam with jet fuel, a demolition, an experiment with thermite and a Pentagon impact experiment. As with the other feable attempts to deceive and discredit, the National Geographic propaganda piece is a pathetic attempt at hiding the truth that is full of holes and lies. Information on how to spot the techniques used by the media and politicians to spread their propaganda can be found here.

The National Geographic is right about one thing though: it would be impossible for the thousands of people involved to keep a conspiracy secret -- which is why the official version of the 9/11 fairy tale has been unraveling. The truth becomes painfully obvious when anyone takes a close look at the attacks of 9/11 and everything that has happened since.

The biggest problem with the National Geographic's 'Scientific' debunking is that fact that Imagenation, a subsidiary of the government-run Abu Dhabi Media Company -- run by the Dubai government which belongs to the federation of UAE -- decided to invest $100 million dollars in National Geographic, part of which went towards the attempted debunking. Dubai served as the hub for the Bush administration's alleged 9/11 terrorists' operations. The Abu Dhabi Media company appears to have learned a lot about producing propaganda from the U.S. government.

More than 6,000 scientists charged that the Bush administration manipulated scientific advisory committees, altered and suppressed reports by Government scientists and misrepresented scientific knowledge in contentious areas such as global warming, air pollution, and reproductive health. The Bush administration had a long history ofmanipulating and censoring science and scientists for political purposes. All of the NIST 'debunking' material was controlled by the Bush administration. Many of the other 'debunkers' like Popular Mechanics and now National Geographic were paid quite well by corrupted, controlling politicians.

Trying to Label Conspiracy Thinking an Illness

Psychology Today writer John Gartner tried to label Conspiracy thinking as a psychotic illness in an article he wrote. In describing this 'psychotic illness,' Gartner himself fulfills the psychotic criteria he's describing. A lot of Psychology Today's collection of complementary health resources in its collection of Psychological therapy comes from Pharmaceutical companies.

Gartner is the type of 'professional' that gives their profession a bad name. Many suffer because of one's stupidity. Psychology Today -- as well as National Geographic and Popular Mechanics -- is another example of an entity that sells itself out to large corporations and ends up badly soiling itself because the greed and stupidity reign free. The truth always wins in the end. The desperation to keep the truth hidden is growing.

As noted by Paul Joseph Watson, "Quack psychologists like Gartner who define distrust of authorities and alternative explanations for the "official story" put out by governments who have repeatedly proven themselves to be liars as a form of psychosis are themselves as mentally unstable as their much vaunted peers...and represent a far greater danger to society than the "conspiracy theorists" that they so readily seek to denigrate."

Until the truth comes out, many of these once reputable News medias will continue trying to hide the truth by trying to 'debunk' it to keep it hidden. Bush and Cheney's fraudulent 'War on Terror' is nothing more than the world's largest crime carried out by the most corrupt, never-elected Presidential administration America has ever known.Democracy is dead, courtesy of said most corrupt, never-elected Bush administration and has been since they allowed the attacks of 9/11 to happen. As I said above, the official 9/11 fairy tale has already unraveled.

This alleged 'debunking' is a stall tactic designed to keep Cheney and the rest of the Bush cabal out of prison. It's time for the Bush administration, and every other administration that is or has been involved to pay the price for the crimes they committed.

Gaping Holes in the Government's Official 9/11 Fairy Tale

David Ray Griffin has done a great job of presenting dozens of facts and reports that reveal the gaping holes in the Government's official version of the story about 9/11. Questions abound about the destruction of the World Trade Center, including Building 7 that imploded on live television long after it had been reported as collapsing.

Blaming jet fuel for the implosion of the Twin Towers is a joke. The Twin Towers were constructed to withstand Boeing 767s crashing into them. The core of both towers were constructed of 47 massive steel box columns. All of the relevant facts surrounding the implosion of the Twin Towers completely contradicts FEMA's official, ridiculous theories that the NIST tried to justify. According to the construction manager of the Twin Towers, the buildings were over-designed to withstand almost anything, including hurricanes,...bombings and airplanes hitting them. The Twin Towers and building 7 fell as a result of preplanned demolition. More information about the implosions of all 3 buildings can be found here. Both FEMA and the NIST -- as well as much of the corporate media -- were complicit in aiding and abetting the lies and crimes of the Bush cabal.

How could the implosion of the two largest structures in the country be carried out? Very easily when you realize that World Trade Center Security was provided by a company that was directed by George W. Bush's brother and run by Bush's cousin. Of course, there is no mention of that in the official version of the 9/11 fairy tale or in the corporately owned media.

The rapid removal of the steel from the buildings also raises a lot of questions and suspicions. Federal officials committed even more crimes when they removed the evidence before it could be properly investigated. In essence, Federal officials committed a lot of crimes on 9/11 in their rush to keep their crimes covered up.

The destruction of the World Trade Center was carried out by domestic terrorists, not foreign terrorists as the Bush administration would have you believe. There is no way foreign terrorists could have accessed the buildings and planted the explosives that brought the buildings down. Foreign terrorists could not have orchestrated the cover-up -- the quick removal of the evidence, the fraudulent FEMA, NIST and 9/11 Commission reports. The cover-up could only be orchestrated by members of our own Federal government. The Bush administration conspiracy theory is the only one that's full of holes that are contradicted by numerous facts and some basic laws of physics. As shocking as it is and will be, it's time to realize that the crimes committed on 9/11 were carried out with the aid of the U.S. Government.

Debunking the Debunkers isn't Difficult

If there were such a thing as actual Justice in the United States, George W. Bush, Richard (Dick) Cheney and the rest of the Bush cabal would not be walking around as free men today. Aside from committing numerous acts of Treason against the United States, there are a slew of war crimes and sundry other crimes that were committed against the United States and many other parts of the world by the U.S. Supreme Court-appointed Bush administration. Atrocities that began under the Bush administration continue under the Obama adminisrtation. Our corporately owned Congress has played the biggest role in supporting the Bush cabal. Of course, most of our Congress is also owned by Israel.

MSNBC reported that the U.S. sought to wage a worldwide war against al-Qaida two days before the attacks of 9/11 were allowed by the Bush cabal to happen. The U.S. wanted to wage a worldwide war against an enemy that the U.S. Government created to allow the Bush administration to destroy the U.S. Constitution and shred Civil Rights and Liberties while committing acts of terrorism against the U.S. and the rest of the world in order to profit a select few at the expense of everyone else.

It would be nice to believe that 19 cave-dwelling 'terrorists' were responsible for taking all those lives on that fateful day, but it's impossible to believe and highly improbable that those said terrorists were responsible. It can be disturbing and scary to think that our government would intentionally kill thousands of Americans, but as I said above, when you look at who has actually run this country for the past several decades, it becomes more blatantly evident that our government was in fact involved in killing all those innocent people on September 11, 2001. All the 'debunking' in the world by corrupted media entities, 'scientists' and 'psychologists' does nothing to change that except make themselves look like complete incompetent idiots who are just as guilty as the perpetrators of those attacks.

It's easy to see why the Obama administration and some in Congress want to be able to shut down and control the internet. In the modern computer age -- coupled with the growing desperation to keep their crimes hidden and the incompetence of those trying to keep their crimes covered -- it's impossible to keep facts from the people. Contrary to what a leading media figure would have you believe, there are many credible News services and sources on the Internet. The Internet is and has been a big threat to corrupted news media and politicians so the Government wants to be able to control it too.

Debunking the debunkers isn't difficult and the growing desperation to keep egregious crimes covered up is nothing short of pathetic. It's a shame that people sell their souls and reputations for the perpetrators of the egregious crimes. It's long past time for a real and honest investigation into the attacks of 9/11 and everything that has happened over the past eight and a half years after the Bush cabal was appointed by a corrupted U.S. Supreme Court. It's long past time for the truth and it's long past time for accountability.


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Comment by Thoth II on September 9, 2009 at 7:50pm
"Psychology Today writer John Gartner tried to label Conspiracy thinking as a psychotic illness in an article he wrote. In describing this 'psychotic illness,' Gartner himself fulfills the psychotic criteria he's describing."

very convenient. In a crazy world, it figures that they'd start labelling people as psychotic. Reminds me of the time Jim Garrison found out that they had Lee Oswald apply for a job in a psych ward so that later they could claim he was a patient.

Another strain of debunkers comes out of the military industry (or related agencies like NASA). Case in point: a fairly famous "Bad Astronomer" Phil Plaitt. He regularly lumps all conspiracy theorists under one all-encompassing "nutjob" label. But each subject should be researched thoroughly on its own merits. Take JFK for instance. Jim DiEugenio is doing a very scholarly 9 part series of articles tearing apart Vince Bugliosi's massive tome of disinfo supporting the Warren Commission .

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