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The Real Deal (new video version) with Joe Olson on the destruction of the World Trade Center

Joe Olson is a registered professional civil engineer with a background in structural. Several times he confirmed that no real plane could have entered either building, so I am puzzled that anyone would think differently. He gave many reasons why this could not have been done with conventional explosives and nanothermite, which is the A&E position, and why Judy Wood's DEW hypothesis cannot explain all of the data, including the USGS dust samples, the massive chunks of the building being tossed 600' through the air, and a myriad of other kinds of evidence, where there appears to be no evidence of hers that the mini-micro nuke hypothesis cannot explain as well or event better. Neither A&E nor Wood will address WHO WAS RESPONSIBLE AND WHY, which means that, if there are limited hang-out here, they are theirs and not the position of Scholars and Veterans Today. Go to http://new.livestream.com/accounts/4937810/events/3629901

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