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Velocity Of Energetic Compounds Found by Jones, et al.

“Nanoscale Aluminum-Metal Oxide (Thermite) Reactions for Application in Energetic Materials,” Central European Journal of Energetic Materials (2010), authored by Davin G. Piercey and Thomas M. Klapötke:

Identifies the fastest known combustion velocity for a mixture of metal oxide and aluminum: 2400 meters per second (m/s), in a type of nanothermite made of copper oxide and aluminum. Remember that what Steven Jones found in the WTC dust was iron-oxide/aluminum nanothermite. The authors of this paper make it clear that copper-oxide/aluminum nanothermite is significantly more reactive than the iron-oxide version, and cite a combustion velocity of 895 meters per second for an iron-oxide/aluminum nanothermite aerogel. So 895 MPS is the highest velocity yet to be found for an iron-oxide/aluminum nanothermite in the scientific literature, and this velocity is much too low to have played a significant role in the destruction of the Twin Towers.

For reference, the velocity of TNT is over 9,000 MPS. RDX has a velocity of just over 8,500 MPS.

How could an iron rich aluminum nanoenergetic compound with a MAXIMUM velocity of 895 MPS account for the destruction of the Twin Towers?

It can't.

Jones, Gage, Harrit and the rest of the crew are intelligent, well-educated men and the ONLY conclusion I can draw is that they're knowingly being dishonest.

Why would we expect the people that perpetrated the event to stop at that? SURELY they planned to deal with the public outcry AFTER the event.

911 was a sophisticated military event, well planned, complex, and to think that the perpetrators did not have plans to deal with public opinion for years AFTER the event would be myopic. For that reason I prefer to believe no one. I use the opinions of no one. I develop my own opinions bases solely on raw data and after almost 8 years of full-time research I have no doubt that we see ternary and possibly quaternary fission in NYC on 911.

Tahil is right about fission. He may be wrong about the type of device(s) but he's right that fission occurred in NYC on 911.

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