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Video about the FEMA box cars equipped with shackles and guillotines . . .


Bruce Wick writes to me,

"Before detention camps were even on the public's radar screen, this video had been posted.

"It ADDS the significant details of box cars (presumably, for transporting prisoners); shackles (for the trip, and likely also for the camps, similar to the slave ships); and, bizarrely, guillotines (for summary executions or those conducted per courts-martial).

"One would have thought firing squads to be the usual method of execution under military rule.

"There is photo of  a US soldier from W,W,II, who served as a member of firing squad, immediately after liberating one of the German camps.  In  the photo, this US soldier is shown striding briskly from a nearby refreshment table, back to rejoin his colleagues for the next round of executions (of German officers, soldiers and camp guards)--the dead bodies piled all around, stacked like cord-wood.

"Had you heard before of the "secret trials," or of the ordering of--

--over 100,000 box cars, for transporting prisoners; or,

--shackles and guillotines?

"If so, have these charges been confirmed?

"As we discussed on air, the largest problem I see with the camps is that they are neither designed nor intended to sustain life or health.  Thus, they are more properly labeled "death camps."

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