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The purpose of this forum is to expose falsehoods and reveal truths about the events of 9/11.
As I see it, the primary areas of research intended to be the focus of this forum include these:

(A) General Overview and the Nature of Conspiracy Theories;

Recommended reading:

"Thinking about 'Conspiracy Theories': 9/11 and JFK"
by James H. Fetzer;

"Was America Attacked by Muslim's on 9/11?
by David Ray Griffin; and,

"There is No Evidence Muslims Hijacked Planes on 9/11"
by Elias Davidsson

(B) What Happen to the WTC and especially the Twin Towers?

Recommended reading:

Visit the drjudywood.com web site and study her photographs;

"The 9/11 WTC Twin Towers Could Not Possibly Have Collapsed"
by Charles Boldwynn;

"WTC Molten Metal: Fact or Fiction?"
by C.B. Brooklyn

(B1) Was video fakery used to deceive the American public?

Recommended Reading:

Visit the killtown and Ace Baker web sites and study the videos;

"Mounting Evidence of Video Fakery on 9/11"
by James H. Fetzer (and follow its links)

"New Proof of Video Fakery on 9/11"
by James H. Fetzer (and follow its links)

(B2) Were Planes Even Used on 9/11?

Recommended Reading:

"Some Holes in the Plane Stories"
by Morgan Reynolds and Rick Rajter

"On Simulators, Video Fakery, and Planes/No Planes"
by James H. Fetzer

"Fetzer-Barrett-Legge Exchange"
by Jame H. Fetzer, Kevin Barrett, and Frank Legge

(C) What Happened at the Pentagon?

Recommended Reading:

"Norman Mineta and Richard Clarke Contradict the 9/11 Commission"
by Adam Lietke

"The Latest on the Pentagon"
by James Hanson

"What Didn't Happen at the Pentagon"
by James H. Fetzer

(D) Who Was Responsible for 9/11?

Recommended Reading:

"Was America Attacked by Muslim's on 9/11?
by David Ray Griffin; and,

"Could US Leaders Have Authorized 9/11 without Knowing the Details?"
by Elias Davidsson

"9/11 and the Neo-Con Agenda"
by James H. Fetzer

(E) Misinformation and Disinformation

Recommended Reading:

"Thinking about 'Conspiracy Theories': 9/11 and JFK"
by James H. Fetzer

"9/11 Conspiracy Theories"
by the Anti-Defamation League

"The Manipulation of the 9/11 Community"
by James H. Fetzer

There will be more, especially about (D) and (E). But these are some of the basics that every member of
this forum should be familiar with. There is a lot of my stuff, not because it is mine but because it deals
with the complex and controversial aspects of 9/11, which are the only ones worth discussion and debate.
I do not think I am right about all of this, by the way. I can learn from you by showing me where I'm wrong.

A word of appreciate to Michael Morrissey, who introduced us to ning.com. This is not an anti-Morrissey
forum but a 9/11 Truth forum. Michael's excess of zeal in anti-anti-Semitism and unwillingness to study
mathematical treatments of these issues created an obstacle to the pursuit of 9/11 research. He was,
in my view, committing several elementary fallacies, including the ad hominem and the genetic fallacies.

Having spent 35 year teaching logic, critical thinking, and scientific reasoning, I did my best to oppose
them, but Michael is a man of strong opinions and would not budge. I therefore founded this forum as an
alternative, where members are welcome to belong to both. I should note that, in my view, the charge of
anti-Semitism has become a club to abuse those seeking the truth. We must understand how it works.

As a fallible human being, I have no doubt that I will commit my own mistakes in managing and moderating
this forum. I therefore encourage any of you who have comments, suggestions, or criticism to contact me,
either via the forum's own mechanisms for communication or by sending me an email directly to my email
address jfetzer@d.umn.edu. I believe the 911aletheia.ning.com forum has already shown what we can do!


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