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The Re-Killing Of Seal Team Six

  http://rense.com/general95/rekill.html   The Re-Killing Of Seal Team SixBy Joel Skousen, editorWorld Affairs Brief.com5-3-12   Wit…

Started by Jeannon Kralj

0 May 3, 2012

Police enter my Loft morning of April 30th without being let in

This year police walked into my Loft on the early morning of April 30th - without being let in and when all the house-mates were sleeping -…

Started by Peg Carter

1 May 3, 2012
Reply by Thoth II

DEW Information Known to Public

Directed-energy weapon This article is about practical experiments with energy weapons. For fictional uses, see raygun. Humvee with Active…

Started by Chuck Boldwyn

2 May 1, 2012
Reply by Thoth II

Free E Book giving full information about nuclear weapons in laymans' terms

This is an important resource that I think we all should use or at least be aware of for reference purposes.  I post this here in the hopes…

Started by Jeannon Kralj

0 Apr 30, 2012

9-11, False Flags, and Black Ops Must see video from last night

Wish I knew, or someone knew, how to copy and download this video.  It is a classic in 9-11 misinformation and disinformation circa 2012.  …

Started by Jeannon Kralj

0 Apr 29, 2012

US fabricated raid on bin Laden compound in Pakistan: Political analyst

Press TV has conducted an interview with James Fetzer, a philosopher and political commentator, to discuss the issue of the United States u…

Started by James H. Fetzer

2 Apr 29, 2012
Reply by Shallel Octavia

Listen to Dr. Fetzer TODAY March 24 5 PM Central Call in please

I posted this new discussion about an hour ago but for some reason it did not post, so once more with feeling.   TODAY   Tuesday, March 24,…

Started by Jeannon Kralj

0 Apr 24, 2012

Dr. Fetzer live this afternoon 5 pm Central Time - Listen & Call in & Support

  http://www.gcnlive.com/listen.php   Dr. Fetzer will be a guest of Dr. Stan Monteith on Radio Liberty GCNlive.com show this afternoon   at…

Started by Jeannon Kralj

0 Apr 24, 2012

Ron Paul News via cut & paste email

Ron Paul News Could the GOP be the Anti-War Party in 2012? "We are in the process of taking over the GOP" says Doug Wead By Victoria N.…

Started by Chuck Boldwyn

0 Apr 20, 2012

wiki tells it like it is: NOT

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Osama_bin_Laden Since wiki tells us OBL died in 2011, I guess it must be so.  Go back to sleep. I think I'll…

Started by Thoth II

2 Apr 8, 2012
Reply by Thoth II


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