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We collect the most relevant evidence of government participation in the events of 9/11. Bring evidence here and discuss its truth and relevance!

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This is the book that presents my case about 9/11

I would like to hear your thoughts.

The point of the book is to identify the best evidence of government conspiracy. I mention the Standard Operating Procedures of air defense and how they were not followed; I mention "blips" appearing on the screens of FAA employees and who had the authority and the power to put them there to confuse them; I mention warnings given to Bush Administration officials that were not followed. And a lot more.

I avoided the more controversial evidence such as what happened at the Pentagon. I feared that my thoughts on this subject and others like it would distract from the proof beyond a reasonable doubt that government agents acted on 9/11 to commit murder. If you tell a skeptic several ideas, it is a cinch they will attack the ideas with the least factual support and ignore the rest of what you say.

If you have thoughts about what hit the WTC 1 and 2 and the Pentagon and about cell phones, etc. please tell me.

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Started by Dean Apr 11, 2010.

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Comment by sandy rose on April 22, 2010 at 2:11pm
ok, yeah, i hadn't thought about it quite like that before.
quite a failure that would have been. the stand down makes
them look guilty, in spite of their cool war games ala 9/11,
but what exactly was the purpose? i still think there were
certain sorts of aircraft in and around nyc on 9/11 the, like
the nooze hellacopters that just happened to catch that fake
plane coming in................
if my theory of scramjet or other similar aircraft was right,
there woulda been other carrier planes involved, and maybe they
were sposeda stand down for the carrier aircraft.......................
but 9/11 being that inside job, what reason would they even have
to alert the stand down no rad people? 'hey, people! we're
about to pretend to fly planes into the trade center towers, so don't
bother fueling up the fighters just yet!" i mean, it's mind boggling
to think how the perps handled alll the necessary details to pull
\off 9/11. from the simplest thing to the most complicated.
what they didn't know was that no planers would come out of
the woodwork and call their bluff. we just hafta call it much louder...

or maybe it was to throw off the no planers! i can't help but
wonder what conversations ensued among the 9/11 criminals about
no planers.....
"uhhhh, what do we do if some of those a holes figger out
what we done?".....................................

...............eh, throw in a couple of plane related things for effect...."

seriously, folks, i sometimes, meaning often, think that no planers
don't take themselves serious enough! no planers hold the key
to busting it wide and very open. crap, people, what else can we
do to circulate what we have seen?
(not to insinuate no planerness on the whole group, (some of
which i find a bit odd since they never say anything))....... but this
is one of very few that i know of, sites that tolerates no planer heads.
we are not many. yet let us note that the most prominent and best
known no planers have not flinched since their comings out, at least
we have a great little circle of courageous non flinching among us.
Comment by Whathappened Tothewtc on April 22, 2010 at 12:02pm
Military offishals do tend to keep their pie-holes shut, and if something didn't happen, who exactly is there to witness it and keep their pie-hole shut? NOBODY.
No planes means no military stand down, which is actually a good thing for our country. Our military did NOT fail to intercept planes. Whew! Good news, in my book.
Comment by sandy rose on April 22, 2010 at 7:19am
Dean, i like the way you think things thru, and try other methods
to figure stuff out. it's good to bounce stuff off each other, too,
cause ya never know what tidbits various truthers have picked up
along the way.
when you ask, what parts of the offishal story of 9/11 were
true i have to say i draw a blank. and then when i think about it
some more i draw a nuther blank.
yes, Tracy, good point about how much the airlines were
involved or not. and nasa! in my book some of their aircraft were
used and i wonder are they all corrupt there or just the big boys?
i imagine the criminals spent a bunch of time before 9/11 figuring
out creative ways to keep their big secret(s) about 9/11. from the
nooze media to the airlines to the very gummint itself. i believe that
everyone in our so called government knows. that to me is appalling
and slightly terrifying, but i still think it is so. there's enough info
out there that a couple of clicks of the mouse will learn them about
9/11 and how the offishal story couldn't have been true. they're
thick headed and sluggish, but they're not alll stupid. and some great
and courageous people (hi Matt!) have sent them info and they've
been told by us enough times. they have no excuse to not know.
(oh geeze i hope i don't have that trouble sending this, i do tend
to ramble. i hope that was just a fluke when i had to break up my
comment. weird stuff happens. with me on a regular basis.)
Tracy, also very good point about the planes, the disappearing
ones. since we don't have any proof that there were planes, by way
of actual plane parts, except the planted engine, etc. i don't think we
have enough reason to think there were any planes. tho yeah, that
does raise questions about any actual real passengers.
and again,if the planes were real like the offishal story said, then
why oh why will they not release all footage from wtc and pentagone?
i say everything about planes and hijackers is totally bogus.
being a no (or other) planer, i still hit a dead end when i try to
get the stand down thing by norad. if there weren't really planes,
what would there be to stand down for? that part puzzles me.
yeah, i bet if we had a short summary of the offishal story
about 9/11 we could pick apart every bit of it as being a flat out
lie. that does leave a big, wide hole open then as to what really
did happen, and of course our good folks have been hashing
that over ever since. i wonder if we'll ever know the whole truth.
hey, ya know what would be really great right now would be
a really brave leaker, someone who knows the whole story or
at least most of it, has proof, and decides to leak.
i do think that a lot of people in a lot of places do know, and
were either part of it or bribed into keeping their pie holes shut,
and that is worrisome also.
and i imagine the 9/11 criminals have a really horrid destructive
plan for what to do if they are busted, and that's why the shut mouths.

hope to send more later, and ps HAPPY EARTH DAY!
may she not be blown to kingdom come.
Comment by sandy rose on April 22, 2010 at 4:57am
here's an interesting thing, and good points being mdae about the
'fllights' etc, back on that in a bit...

The Not-So-Poor Widow Beamer
Todd Beamer's memorial service was held on 09/16/01 at the Princeton Alliance Church in Plainsboro, New Jersey. Todd Beamer's wife, Lisa Beamer, a grieving mother of two and four months pregnant with her third child, registers TODDBEAMER.ORG four days later on 09/20/01, incorporates The Todd M. Beamer Memorial Foundation eight days later on 9/24/01 and then applies for the trademark "Let's Roll" ten days later on 9/26/01. Instead of acting like a wife and mother who should be experiencing untold grief, shock, and loss, her behavior turns a catastrophic personal tragedy into a cold and calculating cheap publicity stunt. But then, the propaganda machine of the Fascist States of America needed heroes as well as villains paraded through the media for their 9/11 conspiracy theory to be convincing.

Considering that Todd and Lisa Beamer purchased their home in Cranbury, NJ, for $699,900 on 07/20/2000, it was interesting to note that they paid off their mortgage two weeks before 9/11 on 8/27/2001.
Comment by Whathappened Tothewtc on April 21, 2010 at 5:12pm
All 7 buildings in the WTC complex were almost completely destroyed.
Comment by Dean on April 21, 2010 at 4:18pm
It's time to re-phrase the question here:

What part of the 9/11 official story can we verify to be true?

Once we identify anything verifiable, we can then fill in the truth to the rest of the story.
Comment by Whathappened Tothewtc on April 21, 2010 at 5:51am
Good point, Sandy. If one part of the official story isn't true, why not go back to the beginning and think about what the 9/11 storyline is.

"An airplane crashed 4 different times, but we didn't end up with even one reconstructed plane out of the deal." Yeah, right. If they can scoop the bottom of the ocean to find the pieces of PanAm flight 800 and put it back together during the investigation, why can't we see the reconstructed planes from 9/11?

You don't see a plane in the hole at Shanksville, PA. You don't see a plane in the Pentagon videos or still shots. You start thinking that maybe there were no planes. Then you look closely at the "second hit" videos of 9:03AM on September 11, and notice....HEY! That thing didn't act like a plane! It didn't crash into the south face of WTC 2! It just glided in, without friction!!!!

In summary, the plane story isn't believable, but then what really did happen? One thing I'm still worried about is why the airlines seemed to go along with this story. Were the individuals who shorted the airlines the individuals who made the decision to go ahead with the 9/11 conspiracy story about hijackings?
Comment by sandy rose on April 21, 2010 at 5:30am
i hope to have some more info about passengers not being
listed as dead, etc., Thomas Potter replied when i asked him
about way earlier research on this, when he's able i hope he
can send me some more stuff. he did send a thing about
the Beamer wife, i'll send that a bit later.
so yeah, there's good info on this stuff, some of it is probably
searchable, i'll try that too when i get the chance.
i didn't always think this, but at this point i pretty much think
that the entire offishal story about 9/11 was a big pack of lies and
unless otherwise convinced i don't believe any of what they said.
yeah, that raises a lot of questions, but for me it's safe to say
everything that happened was not what they said at all.
Comment by Dean on April 20, 2010 at 3:16pm
We may have stalled here about the passengers. So far we have no solid evidence that alleged passengers are still alive. Do we have any solid evidence that alleged passengers actually died in a plane crash that day?
I remember reading Sander Hicks' book "The Big Wedding" and he says a friend of his identified a wedding ring that belonged to a passenger on Flight 77.

Does anyone know of this or anything similar?

Also, there are those who believe Flight 77 went off the radars near the border of Kentucky and Tennessee. And there are those that say Flight 93 really landed in Cleveland.
Comment by Sharon Smith on April 20, 2010 at 1:51pm
Sorry, I don't have a link. I can't remember which site I read it on. So, no proof. I wish I could remember the last name. A man, wife and daughter. It was so long ago that I am not sure whether they lived in or were on vacation in Hawaii. If I run across it in my records, I will put more importance on it.

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