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January 2014 Blog Posts (5)

Which Road Do You Choose?

It is not the truth we fear.  Most people know there is something suspicious about the official theory of 9/11.  Box cutters?  Seriously?  Two of the "passenger flights" never took off!  Several "hijackers" alive after 9/11!  The implication of the truth, that forces we do not understand really control our nation, scares us.  The best antidote for fear is the truth.

We can say "Whatever" about 9/11 and bury our heads in…


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My analysis of "Falling Man" image

It has been claimed that this photo shows a single Tower with no angled corner and is therefore not a WTC Twin Tower, however, due to the angle of the photo being parallel to the corner angle of Tower 1, shows BOTH towers. I have marked the edge of Tower 1, showing Tower 2 in the background. I cannot vouch for the veracity of the image, but this particular claim seems incorrect.…


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American Jihad 2014 The New Fundamentalists

By Tom Engelhardt

In a 1950s civics textbook of mine, I can remember a Martian landing on Main Street, U.S.A., to be instructed in the glories of our political system.  You know, our tripartite government, checks and balances, miraculous set of rights, and…


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Rumors Fly, Truth Walks!

Dean T. Hartwell has put years into research on whether there were any passengers in the 9/11 plot.  Previous books, Planes without Passengers, 1st and 2nd editions, have delved into this often-overlooked topic.  In this book, Hartwell gives the reader more pieces of the puzzle of that day's events by making it clear that no one got on any of the planes said to be involved in the plot!

It was a hoax within a larger hoax.  And it was nothing new.

Rumors Fly,…


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