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Since I posted all the Dayton Miller links, I would like to explain my interest in the concept of the aether and give my idea of what

a unified field theory will look like.  I've been waving my hand for quite a few years since I stumbled on to this idea, but without

credentials I haven't made it too far with the theory.  I did call and talk to Dr Hal Putoff in Austin on the phone maybe 10 years

ago. Dr Putoff was with the Institute for Advanced Studies, working with two other physicists in Arizona and California trying

to explain  something to do with inertia as I remember.  I'm sure it was a very strange phone call for him. Ha.  He was very polite

and listened to what I had to say.  I have limited math skills, so I stick to visual type explanations. When I first figured out my

"ball theory", I had some extra time on my hands and decided to figure out how everything all works.  My background was TV

broadcast engineer and senior electronic tech, so I decided to start with images. I figured I could at least prove stuff with my two

eyes. I discovered on my own that you can lay two coins on a table touching each other, turn one either direction, and the other

turns the opposite way. I know this is very basic kid stuff, but it turned into what I will explain. I looked out in the yard and realized the pixels from the fruit tree had to travel together in time at 186,000 miles per second across the yard. I realized that

the farther away something is, the farther back in time you are seeing it due to the fixed 186,000 mile/sec speed.  I realized the

images were traveling through space in a very organized way in all directions.  I figured out a cubic arrangement of balls would

work similar to the coins, only three-dimensionally. You can turn one ball any direction, half the balls turn the same way ...

and half turn exactly opposite. I knew I was on to something with the balls to explain the propagation of images. A few years later

I was doodling and drew four circles on a piece of paper with space in between to allow for electromagnetic "slip". I realized when I added curved arrows inside the circles, I could call the clockwise turning ones(+), and the others(-).  The four corners

attract each other (gravity), and the opposite corners repel each other (anti-gravity).  I think of the aether as being a cubic - lattice

grid of spinning electromagnetic balls. All energy attracts all other energy. I think with much work this theory can be made

into a theory of everything(GUT).  I've been reading all of the Tom Bearden scalar stuff, but I honestly can't make sense of it.   .... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0nIj-brxAJs

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