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I came across this while pondering the bathtub problem :  ....  http://www.nae.edu/Publications/Bridge/EngineeringandHomelandSecuri...  ....  I also need to correct the

statement I made about the  "melted granite"  left under the towers.  The "bedrock" under the towers turns out to be mica schist,

a type of metamorphic rock. The rock  would be composed of quartz grains, mica (flaky quartz), and probably other minerals ...

metamorphosed by heat and pressure to form the  "Manhattan schist".   Same basic ingredients, without the feldspar.  Dimitri

Khalezov made the same mistake, but his melted rock idea still stands.  Technically speaking, it should be called melted schist.

I'm still pondering the bathtub problem, because I think it's critical to understanding the method used to demolish the buildings.

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