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This is exactly what the bedrock under the towers looked like before being melted:  ....  http://geology.about.com/od/more_metrocks/ig/metamorphics/NYCschist...  ....   After being melted , the rock looked like gray ice cream with a white

swirl.  I would suspect the white swirl is melted mica and other quartz.  I guess you would call it glass at that point. 

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Comment by Danny White on July 31, 2011 at 10:52pm

I'm a little worried about the source of this one  ....  Silverstein Properties  ....  but it looks like good info:  .... 


Comment by Danny White on July 31, 2011 at 9:22pm
nice color layout of the bathtub and building locations:  ....  http://old.911digitalarchive.org/crr/documents/1424.pdf
Comment by Danny White on July 31, 2011 at 6:33pm

I'm going to have to rethink the melted rock idea, after finding this article with outcrop photos of the Manhattan schist found in Central Park.  ....  http://people.gl.ciw.edu/ecottrell/glaciers/Glaciers_in_NY_Intro.pdf  ....    The swirling feature in the schist is a result of  "folding"  under intense heat and pressure as a glacier moves over sedimentary rock.  The semi-molten sedimentary rock is kind of

 "rolled" I guess to make the swirls.  I used to

have a similar schist (packsaddle schist)  in my yard, which had similar swirls in places .... now that I think about it.  I went

outside and looked at some packsaddle schist samples in my yard  ... Uh oh ....  I'm researching the huge hole inside the slurry

wall on the south-east corner next to building 2 which was 200ft long, and varied from 40-70ft deep  .....  There was severe damage to the slurry

wall at that point, but I don't think river water could enter there  ...

There was actually quite a

 bit of damage to the slurry wall, as it turns out.  Something like 40% was relatively undamaged.  ... Well, I just wanted to

try to get the  "melted rock"  thing straight.  Sorry for the confusion. I'll have to do my homework before I open my

mouth next time. I'm no geologist, just trying to make sense of this stuff.  I'm having to learn it as I go.  There is some

very interesting geology going on around Manhattan for anyone interested in that sort of thing.

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