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Danny, I make my decision affirmative that those Government supported scientists like David Keith and all of them, know the bad & deadly effects SRM or Chemtrails are producing. I am sure they are studying anti- Chemtrails websites to the state of awareness of the American populations.

They are required to understand all the physical, chemical & toxicity properties of all the chemicals and materials being utilized, studied via MSDSs called Material Data Safety Sheets. All the Materials Production industrys and academic research labs and hospitals are required to understand them for each and every chemical being employed. Anyone that handles toxic or dangerous materials at a professional level is required to understand MSDSs, nation-wide, including all of the military, above-board operations. Even the pilots should know what they are spraying, especially, toxicologically.

The President on down should be prosecuted for most massive violations of Pollution Laws, but Congress has approved of all the Chemtrails/Demtrails Operations going on. These scientists and supporters owe their existence & livelihood to whoever manages them & will not voluntarily blow the whistle against themselves & their lucrative careers. These are unethical & immoral people. These are very smart people but honest scientists can see through them and their weak ideas based on the same backgrounds they have in Chemistry, Physics, Weather, Geology, Biology, Medicine, Meteorology, etc. Most good scientists should be able to see what is really going on and the effects and the many who do are posting on blogs, websites or writing books as whistleblowers, like Dane Wiggington & some others are researching and learning sciences along the way on their own, students of Reality, in your face.

Trump must stop this intentional incompetence and they need to be forced into public debate so Americans cay have a say or making it illegal with enforcement being put on a voters ballot, similar to GMOs. The media is pro- Chemtrails to allegedly prevent Global Warming, so they could get the vote to go pro-Chemtrails out of fearful propaganda blitzes.

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Comment by Danny White on December 31, 2016 at 12:11am

Chuck:  I agree the President and Congress should all be locked up for spraying us like rats.  As you say David

Keith and other geoengineers should be knowledgeable as to the chemicals they are feeding us.  Mr Keith admits

after spraying us for 20+ years that very little work has been done on the affects of alumina on the environment.

His big idea is to spray us with sulfuric acid.  Hasn't he heard of sulfur dioxide and acid rain killing trees and ruining statues and monuments.   I think Mr Keith and Harvard knew a huge funding source when they saw it and couldn't care less about people's lives.  Mr Keith is setting himself up big to cash in on environmental CO2

removal.  What a scam.

Comment by Chuck Boldwyn on December 30, 2016 at 6:20pm
MSDS means Material Safety Data Sheets and all materials are registered in a bank of MSDSs and most can most easily be viewed on the internet via a simple search engine, like Aluminum Oxide, Barium Oxide & Strontium Oxide, all dessicants or super drying agents together with possessing heavy metal or metal toxins to everything but Monsantos metal resistant crop-seeds for trees, grass, & crops, soon to be all vegetation if not already in existence from their international research labs.
Comment by Chuck Boldwyn on December 30, 2016 at 6:10pm
People in every city should be actively protesting in the streets, confronting their representatives with threats of electing someone who is anti-Chemtrails, like I am hoping TRUMP will shut it all down to spend that money more constructively and more beneficially for Americans & not trying to save in social security benefits in wiping out us old patriotic reasearchers for the support of the USA Constitution.

Main Stream Media is to blame for promoting & supporting phoney False-Flag anti-Global Warming and pro global-dimming, intellectual, brain-washing tactics

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