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Dean Hartwell has done a good thing by leading the discussion in this direction. I would like to see many investigators concentrating on the passengers, and find out everything we can about them, and pool our findings, We also need to collect all the work that has already been done. This forum looks like a good place to do it. I personally do not think there were planes that hit the towers - and therefore no passengers. But there is definitely a list of victims. The question is, how many of those names were real people? If we can find even one who is provably fictitious, it would blow a huge hole in the official story. It could also point us to the perps.

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Comment by Dean on July 3, 2010 at 4:28pm
What is the best explanation for statements attributed to "hijackers" on Flight 11?

Here is my answer - can anyone add to this?:
Those following the planes say that a hijacker was caught saying things about bombs on Flight 11 on a “talkback” but no one has ever verified the source of the statements. This feature could have been used with the plane on the ground.
Comment by Dean on June 18, 2010 at 12:29am
Thanks, Ben!
Here is a hypothesis: Most or all of the reported passengers were fictitious.
If this is true, what would we expect to have happened on 9/11?
Few friends or family members waiting for passengers at the destination sites (I have read only 2 showed up at Los Angeles Airport - LAX)
No evidence of the passengers at the airports they were supposed to be

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