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No Calls on 9/11? Here is a More Accurate Story

The official story of hijackers taking over planes on 9/11 and crashing them into buildings is based on two phone calls that never happened.  Barbara Olson never called her husband, Ted, and Todd Beamer never called Lisa Jefferson, a Verizon phone representative.

We know, thanks to David Ray Griffin and others, that the FBI remained silent when the original media stories came out about passengers using cell phones to make numerous calls...

Ted Olson and Lisa Jefferson were two people caught in a dilemma between the story they knew to be true and the story they were urged and even coerced to promote.  History is rarely written by those who stand and collect the facts.  It is written with fear of the future.  READ MORE

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Comment by Dean on March 9, 2012 at 10:43pm

Danny, I had seen pictures of the two and thought there was some resemblance.  But I had not heard about their DNA being similar.  The link you have to the Let's Roll Forums page is interesting!


Comment by Danny White on March 9, 2012 at 10:13pm

Dean: I'm sorry I haven't read your book, but is it true Mr Olson's third and fourth wife have similar DNA?


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