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My results show that the World Trade Center was turned into a metallic foam.




See the stripes and swirls? That is what all the fire fighters were calling "rivers of molten steel." They almost got it right. What was seen in the basement of the WTC was more precisely "rivers of foamed steel". It wasn't molten.


I have discovered a good amount of WTC "dust". Here's a pic. two%20color%20dust%202%20cropped.jpg


It's two colors, the same two colors as seen in the first image. The darker metallic foam came from the elevator shafts. The elevator shafts were practically nothing but steel and air. The lighter colored metallic foam came from the main part of the buildings and is lighter in color because the main part of the buildings were composed of concrete and other lighter colored materials in addition to steel.


I have detected DNA in the lighter colored metallic foam but not the darker metallic foam, clearly because the people inside were trying to get out. They weren't heading to the elevator shafts. They were heading to the perimeter of the building, which is why their DNA got mixed up with the lighter dust but not the darker dust.

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Most interesting, WHTWTC! The destructive weapon must have Lather, Foam, Rinse and Repeat settings.

I am looking at Krups as a possible perp, as I view the similarities to the destruction in my frothy good Mocha Latte.


Cheers, and please post more often!

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