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Moment of Sad Truth. Is the United States Becoming a Socialist Nation? Survivor of Siberian Labor Camp Compares USSR & USA

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From: Ilya Katz
Date: 11/7/2012 2:38:11 PM
Subject: [cfldade] From Dr. Ilya Katz
I am interested in speaking with your group free of charge about the continuing topic that is effecting us all "Is the United States Becoming a Socialist Nation? Survivor of Siberian Labor Camp Compares USSR & USSA." I would also like to introduce some of my books on the topic as well.

We are currently planning for December, and would be available at any time that is convenient for you.

Please contact me at 786.597.2880 or my assistant Lisa Dumas at 585.766.9629 to discuss an event for your group and also please see additional information about me below.

Looking forward to hearing from you.


Moment of Sad Truth.
Is the United States Becoming

a Socialist Nation?

Survivor of Siberian Labor Camp Compares USSR & USA

Dr. Ilya Katz, a professor and journalist in the Soviet Union during the Cold War, says he has lived with socialism and it’s beginning to feel a lot like that here in the United States.

“America is moving in a direction that is antithetical to its core principles,” says Katz, a political scientist and author of two books of satirical cartoons, “ObamaSutra Illustrated,” Volumes 1 and 2. (www.obamasutrabook.com) (www.obamapoliticalcartoons.com)

“I have a different perspective from many of my fellow Americans because I lived with the kind of government so many of us fear. Just because we have a democracy, it doesn’t mean we are protected from a government that aims to control our personal lives.”

“I was a prisoner of conscience, and today refuse to be a prisoner of nonsense.”

“I love this country,” he says. “I don’t understand why Americans are willing to discard their heritage of American Exceptionalism in favor of a system that is a proven failure.”

Discussion Questions

  • · Which contemporary U.S. policies evoke Soviet memories?
  • · What are some of the similarities you see between 1970s USSR and today’s USA?
  • · Do you think the U.S. government uses sanctions against those who speak out?

Katz is not Nostradamus, just Katzstrodamus, but he can not only see our political and economical reality through a Katzscan of his satirical aphorisms but also, he can forsee who will win the presidential election and what will be the future of our nation.

If people don’t want to understand our situation with help of their brains, it will be more painful to understand it with other parts of the body.

If you will throw Mr. Katz’s truthful satirical aphorisms at the window of the White House, the glass will crack.

Dr. Ilya Katz came to the United States as a political refugee from the former Soviet Union, where he was forced to comply with a political system with which he disagreed. His mission in America has been to affirm the gospel of capitalism, democracy and liberty. Katz has been a part-time professor of political studies at Loyola University, Columbia College and YMCA Community College of Chicago.

He just published another book, “Debit Wacky Schmutz: DWS is a Black Hole in the Black Square, Satirical Portrait of Serial Career Politician. My Karma Over Your Dogma, Doctor of Common Sense against Socialist Nonsense.”

Dr. Katz recently published eight conservative satirical books and will be happy to speak in front of your group on any day at any time. Dr. Katz can offer not only enlightenment but also entertainment. Dr. Katz will be happy to bring his collection of books and satirical political cartoons. If you will be interested I am ready to travel.

By the way, in the last month, I was a guest speaker on 27 radio shows around the country. I am also an old Reaganite, and I am sending you my credentials.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Sincerely Yours,

Ilya Katz


1. Morning Zone KGAB

2. KBRT-AM 740

3. News and Views with Larry and Chuck

4. Johnny Storm Show

5. George Espenlaub

6. Bryan Whatley Show

7. Conspiracy Believe it Or not Show

8. Rob Roselli Show

9. Talk to Solomon Show

10. Nutrimedical Report

11. Kevin Doran

12. All Things Talk Show

13. Laurie Roth Show

14. Neal Asbury Made in America

15. Jiggy Jaguar Show

16. Focus Today with Perry Atkinson

17. Bill Deagle Show

18. KAHI-AM 950

19. For Your Financial Health

20. The Walton and Johnson Show

21. WTMA-AM The Morning Buzz

22. Total Education Spotlight

23. Bobby Gunther Walsh

24. Partyline WILO
25. Sirius XM Satellite Radio

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